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Numbers and Puzzles

Fun online math games, featuring mathematics, problem solving, puzzles and more. We have a combination of Java applets and flash learning activities. All original and designed by a primary school teacher. We make learning math fun!

Test your addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills. You can also try the Challenger version.
Test your math skills. Add, subtract, multiply and divide. How many can you get right?
Learn about grouping numbers visually.

Math Tips for parents
Look for Math everywhere:
Make math real by finding it in the most unlikely places!! The things around us have math in them and you can use these things to develop children's sense of number, space, measurement (volume, width, length height and time).

If you show your children that Math is a natural and important part of life, they won't treat it as something to be scared of and hence the attitude that develops towards math is a positive one.

Math Tips for parents
Involve kids in real life maths
Cooking, weighing family members or food, scoring, calculating trip times, estimating quantities and counting money are all 'real life' maths which can be taught in any home. 

 It does take longer to involve our children in the things we do, but the benefits of showing them the relevance of maths will be worth it in the long run.

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How children Learn Math