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Once the child has established the content of their writing, it's time to refine the work. This could happen once (for younger children) or up to three or four times for older children.  It's in this stage that they check the flow of their work (does it make sense?), they correct spelling (consult a dictionary or their own word list, ask a friend or teacher for assistance), punctuation and grammar and make any other changes that need to be made.

During this revision stage is a good time for the teacher to hold 'spelling workshops' where he or she can focus the students on a particular word, word family, punctuation convention etc.  This can be done as a whole class activity or as a small group activity for students having problems in a certain area.  I would often use these sessions to alert my students to the frequent use of certain words and we'd have a small brainstorming session to find substitutes for commonly occurring words like "said".  After these sessions it wasn't uncommon to see the students rush off to change their writing to incorporate their new found knowledge.

Publishing their writing
This is perhaps the most exciting part of writing for most children.  Publishing their work can mean anything from simply re-writing the finished and corrected sentence into a book or turning their creation into a work or art via a poster or book or other display.  It depends on the purpose of the writing in the first place.  At my school we had a special publishing room which contained all manner of writing implements, papers, and materials for special effects (glitter pens etc).  The motivational factor of this room was worth the cost alone. Children really wanted to use the materials but could only do so when they had done the work beforehand.

After publishing the students can be encouraged to share their work with an audience or put it on display. Again, it depends on the purpose of the writing in the first place