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Teaching children to write is an exciting challenge for teachers. Even in the early years and especially as children become more accomplished, writing is seen and taught as a process which involves several steps:

Preparing for a topic
In the early years, this might simply be a discussion about a topic to give the children context and relevance (why are we writing about this).  On a more complex level, it could mean a detailed group discussion first, research via different media (books, internet, newspapers) or even gathering opinions via a survey which the students themselves have constructed.

They can also discuss the purpose of their writing, who will be reading it and how they want to present it.  Visualising the purpose and the (exciting) end results can serve as a powerful motivator for children to put their best efforts into a piece of work.

Writing a draft
After the research and planning, comes the first draft.  In this step, students will start to put their ideas down on paper. The focus, from the teacher and student point of view should be on the content, with perhaps some brief ideas on presentation.   Spelling, punctuation and other writing conventions are dealt with later.  For older students, it may be a time of more detailed research.  For young ones, it may simply mean writing out a simple story or sentence on a piece of paper before turning it into a book.