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What do they write about?
At this young age, children tend to write about events that have occurred in real life ("I went shopping with Dad") and about things they know well such as their family and friends, pets and things they have recently been involved in. A typical activity would be for them to draw a picture of something and then try to write a sentence about their picture underneath.

What does the teacher do with what the children have written?
S/he will first ask the child what it is that they have written. S/he will then write down what the child said underneath the sentence, so that the child knows what it should look like. Lots of encouragement should be given at this stage, so that the child doesn't feel like they are wrong or have made a mistake. You can further emphasise the positive by ticking the number of letters they got correct (regardless of order, that comes later) in their original sentence and say "Look at what you already know, that's fantastic").

What other related skills are children learning at this stage?
Gripping a pencil properly, sitting with the correct posture, writing from left to right and top to bottom, tracing and copying letters and words. Lots of attention is given to developing the fine motor skills needed to write.