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What is the first step children take when learning to write?
They simply start by making marks on paper - they have learned this in their pre - school years and may even be familiar with a few letters, which they will try to reproduce.

So where do they go next?
The next step usually develops in their first year at school. Children are immersed in language and writing and are starting to have a go at writing stories themselves. The teacher will act as a role model, and they will write stories together and then s/he will encourage them to try and write their own stories.

What does their writing look like when they begin to write?
It will usually look like a string of letters. Letter strings usually contain some conventional looking letters and may contain 'other' shapes and even a number or two. A whole story is usually one letter string, made up of as few as five or ten letters. It may contain lower and upper case letters. Children know what this writing "says" and can "read" it back to the teacher.