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It's important to remember that writing, spelling and reading are all inextricably linked together. Good writers, are good spellers are good readers.

Reading encourages good spelling and writing. When reading, children use their knowledge of letters, sounds, and context to work out what words say. 

When writing, children draw on knowledge they have gained from reading - often children will construct a story with a similar structure and storyline to one they have already read.  This helps them learn the structure of a story (beginning, middle, end), which kinds of details need to be included in the story (characters, locations, context) and which order it needs to go in (sequence). 

Typically young children start writing 'stories' as a single sentence. As the child gains more skills, their stories become increasingly complex.  

Writing stories also gives children an opportunity to use their spelling skills in context. Children need to know how to spell using the conventional spelling of words, so that an audience (parent, teacher or other student) can read their work.  This alone can be a great incentive for children to get the spelling right.