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Watching children develop the skills of learning to write is a fascinating process.  In writing sessions I had with my 5 - 8 year olds, I could literally see their minds ticking over with the learning they were experiencing. And to see them realise and understand their achievements, which I would point out to them, was a really special thing to witness.

In the past
It was typical that students would write once a week, on a topic given to them by the teacher, who allowed a certain amount of time for the task to be completed in. The teacher would correct it in red pen and give it back to the student.

In a lot of schools, teachers have replaced the above approach with an exciting and meaningful process.  Children are encouraged to develop their own stories, to become authors who express their own ideas and fantasies in their writing. The children then 'publish' their work and present it to the class as something they can be proud of.   It's very much a partnership between the teacher and the student.

This information has been sourced from the book "Parents, Teachers, Partners" by Barry Dwyer.