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Learning Resources - Reading - Useful Reading Strategies to assist your Child


Activities that promote reading:

  • Storyteller
  • Jumbled Words

Establish a routine at home for reading:
It could be before bed, on a Sunday night or whenever suits you and your child. You could even have a regular reading night where the whole family gets together and reads. This is one of the best ways for developing a lifelong positive attitude to reading.

Praise every effort:
Especially when confidence is low, and even when confidence is high. Help your child feel good about reading.

Treat the child as an individual:
Don't compare their performance with other children - it doesn't help because it makes them feel as though they are not good enough.

Be a role model:
Let them see you reading. Take the family to the local library and take an interest in what types of books they borrow. You can even make suggestions, but resist the temptation to impose your own choices.

Show them that books are worthwhile:
Give books as presents and show your child how to take care of them.

Encourage consistent use of the school library:
Ask your child about the books they have borrowed and share them with your child.

If your child is a non reader, don't feel guilty:
The causes of reading problems are very complex and if your child is experiencing difficulties with this fundamental skill, the best thing you can do is to acknowledge the problem and do something about it.

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