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SPECIAL NEEDS SOFTWARE - Out in the Community


Community is an important part of everybody's life.  Using a combination of photos and PCS symbols, this program presents activities that teach students with special needs about the people, places and activities within their local community.

For each area - People, Places and Things to Do, there are three activities:

Activity 1: Click and See

"A doctor makes us well"

Click on the link above to hear the sound.

Clicking the symbol presents a photo and sentence about the person, place or activity.  Photos depict familiar people and places in the Australian community.

The sentence explains the job of the person or the function of the place. For example, "a bank teller works in a bank" or "At the library, we borrow books" and "At the pool we go swimming".

Activity 2:  Click and Learn

"Finish this sentence - At the clinic, we visit..."

Click on the link above to hear the sound.

A partial sentence about a person, place or activity in the community is presented and the user must finish the sentence by selecting the correct symbol from the choice-bar.

Gentle encouragement will lead them to the correct answer if they don't get it right the first time

Activity 3: Guess Who / What and Where

"Where do we have an operation?"

Click on the link above to hear the sound.

 Test the students knowledge by selecting the correct symbol to answer the question.  No visual cues are given here, so the user must listen attentively to the question.  Students are rewarded for their hard work with positive comments.

Out in the community will help develop skills in community knowledge, word and symbol recognition, language skills, pre-reading and listening skills.


"A great complement to any living skills or community-based curriculum" 
J Reivers, Teacher, Australia

Out in the Communitycan be accessed via scanning, mouse, arrows keys or other switch-enabled computers. It's compatible with touch screens and Intellikeys.  There is a  choice of 2 high quality, computer-generated voices and the PCS symbols from Mayer-Johnson are in full, vibrant colour.  For a full word list, see here.

Windows 95, 98, ME, XP, 2000.
CD Rom.

AU $99.00
(about US$75.00)