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My Time is a visual planning / scheduling program for students with special needs. Using familiar life experiences, it helps students plan, recall and predict their time.

Easy to use, this program requires minimal set-up and can be useful at home or in the classroom.

"Last week at home, we went to the park, did some gardening, watched a  video, went bowling."

Click on the link above to hear the sound.

4 easy steps to planning and printing a schedule for your day, week or holidays:

1.  Choose a domain - home, school or holidays

2.  Choose a time from the menu eg Today, Monday, This week, Next holidays, etc

3.  Select the activities from the choice-bar that represent what you will do in that time.

4.  Print it out or have it read back to you!

"Today, at school, I will do some reading, go to speech therapy, do some counting"

Click on the link above to hear the sound.

You can create and print daily or weekly schedules for school, home and holiday periods - a great tool for students with autism spectrum disorder, PDD and Asperger's syndrome, as well as non-verbal students and those with Down syndrome.

Using My Time, students will develop skills in recall, prediction, memory, decision-making, planning, listening and sequencing.

“Excellent, please keep making more programs.”
Parent, Australia.

My Time can be accessed via scanning, mouse, arrows keys or other switch-enabled computers. It's compatible with touch screens and Intellikeys.  There is a  choice of 3 high quality, computer-generated voices and the PCS symbols from Mayer-Johnson are in full, vibrant colour.  For a full word list, see here.

Windows 95, 98, ME, XP, 2000.
CD Rom.

AU $99.00
(about US$75.00)