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Kids Art Activities

Let your imagination and creativity run free! On this page you will find all sorts of art related activities. Some people think that art is a heavy duty type of thing but in fact its just another form of fun - fun with pictures!

What’s a creative picture? A creative picture is a picture that wasn’t there a minute ago. Its the picture.

Who were these guys who painted those strange paintings and why did they do it? Learn more about

Here you find a collection of visual tricks and surprises that will baffle and astound you.

Get to know some very famous paintings with our art scrambler.



Learn to draw

Edbydesign,com's very own drawing board! Unleash your creativity and create a masterpiece. Be a Picasso!

Click and drag your mouse on the canvas to start drawing. Sketch colors using the color palette on the right.

If you need to trace the masterpieces, select the artist via the tracer buttons, to preview it, hold down the preview button. The freehand button, will remove the tracing underneath.

This Drawing Board tool was developed jointly with Stefan Mager.

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