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This is our Divergent Book & Movie app for fans of Veronica Roth's bestselling science fiction novel.

Here you will find information about the characters of the book, facts and news that you may or may not know.

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Abnegation Amity Candor Dauntless Erudite Tris Four Eric Jeanine

Author Brittany Town Orlando, FLA
Age 12 Country USA
Rating 5 Date 18th Apr 2001
Topic Feelings
Title My Parent's Divorce
I see my parents arguing, it's not a pleasant sight.
It seems as though my dad is leaving.
He does.
I can tell because I felt the vibration of the house as he slammed the front door.
I see my mom crying.
I start to walk slowly towards her but I pick up the pace as I see her expression.
Once I reach her, she hands me some papers.
My parents are getting DIVORCED!
My heart pounds and my tears form a puddle around me.
I run to my room and jump on my bed.
My pillow feels as though it went through the wash and put back on my bed without going in the dryer.
My mom soon comes in...with my dad.
My mom walks away and my dad starts to come toward me but I run away.
After a few minutes, my dad leaves...suitcase and all.
I go back to my room and I notice a note laying on my pillow.
It has a phone number on it.
I show it to my mom and she starts to cry.

A few weeks later, my parents go to court and get the divorce finalized.
I hate my parents for putting me through this.
It feels like it's all my fault but I know that it's not.
I guess I'll have to live with it and get on with my life.