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-The Quidditch World Cup- Chudley Cannons vs. The - Kids Stories by EmilyPotter from ???????????, United Kingdom

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Author EmilyPotter Town ???????????
Age 13 Country United Kingdom
Rating 4 Date 27th Aug 2004
Topic Quidditch
Title -The Quidditch World Cup- Chudley Cannons vs. The
I awoke to an awful squawking racket. I sat up, and saw Pigwidgeon, Ron's small annoying little owl. 'Pig!' I sai groggily, rubbing my eyes. 'It's too early. What's up?' Pig dropped a letter into my lap. I dare not wake Harry. I wondered HOW he could've slept through that noise. Then I read the letter to myself, squinting at Ron's untidy scrawl of handwriting. It read:

Dear Emily and Harry,

Mum wants to know if you two can come to the Quidditch World Cup this summer. It's in three days. And the Chudley Cannons are playing the Tornados!
Mum sent a letter the muggle way to them. Dad reckons it'll get there tomorrow morning. Fred and George tested their new jokes on Percy. And Percy's whole face is now purple. He's all complaining about Penelope Clearwater seeing him that way. Mind you, I think it's hilarious! It'll come off in a week though. Well, If you CAN go, send Pig back pronto, and we'll pick you up at 5:00 Sunday. If you CAN'T go, then we'll pick you up at 5:00 on Sunday anyway. Well, I've got to go!


I giggled. Harry and I were going away to stay with Ron! Either way he'd come and pick us up! I had to send the reply. So I wrote:

Dear Ron,

I am so excited! I can't wait! Er... Harry's still sleeping... But Pig woke me, instead. He usually wakes Harry. Oh Well... I've got to go to bed. Just wanted to let you know I've got your letter!


I fell straight asleep after that, knowing that I'd be at Ron's house in two days.


I woke up to Dudley screaming furiously. Harry was not in his bed. Dudley was on a diet, which the whole family has to follow as well...
Don't know why. Probably because he was being such a big baby about it. Well, I got downstairs, and into the kitchen. 'ONLY GRAPEFRUIT?' He bellowed, over-turning the table. 'Why, yes, Dud-Duddeykins... It's what you need the loose weight....' Aunt Petunia said softly. 'WELL, THEY CAN'T BE FOLLOWING THE DIET! I SMELLED SWEETS IN THEIR ROOM!' Harry and I looked at each other nevously. Indeed we HADN'T been following the diet. We had five birthday cakes under our beds. We had owled EmJ, Hermione, Claire, Ron, and Hagrid about the diet. EmJ sent us a whole package of Ice-Mice. Claire had her mum bake us two pies. Ron and the Weasleys sent us some cakes, and some other candies that were unmistakeably from Fred and George. Hagrid sent us some Rock Cakes, that Harry and I didn't touch, because we've had bad, bad expirences with his cooking.
And Hermione sent us a box full of sugar-free candies, because both her parents were dentists. 'WHY DO I HAVE TO LOOSE WEIGHT?!' 'Duddeykins... They are following it. Daddy and I will search their room today, okay sweetums?' That made him feel better. 'Okay, mum...' he said, hugging her. Harry and I pelted up to our room, and hurried up to hide the plates. But all of our sweets were gone. 'Dudley.' We said together. 'POTTERS! GET DOWN HERE!' Uncle Vernon hollered up the stairs. 'Harry, Ron sent us a
let-' 'Yeah I know, but We've got to get down there if we want to be fed for the rest of the month!' I nodded, and we hurried down the stairs. 'POTTERS! GET IN HERE!' Uncle Vernon had gotten the mail. He held up a envolope with stamps everywhere but the adresse. I snorted. 'YOU KNOW WHO THIS IS FROM?!' he bellowed, spitting in our faces. 'Yeah, our friend, Ron's mum, Mrs. Weasley.' I said in a small voice. 'AND HOW COULD YOU TELL?' Uncle Vernon said angrily. 'ERmmm... Ron Told me his mum would be sending a letter.' I answered, gulping. 'HOW?' 'The Normal Way.' Harry said. Uncle Vernon swelled. 'I THOUGHT I TODL YO-' '-I'm going up stairs to owl my godfather, you know. The convict? Well he WON'T be the happiest man on earth when he finds that I am not happy...' Harry said cooly. 'ARGH! Ermm... FINE!' Uncle Vernon spluttered. 'JUST OPEN IT! AND READ IT TO ME!' He Spat, thrusting the letter at him. 'Er... Okay.'

Dear Muggles,

We wanted to know if Harry and Emily could come to the Quidditch World Cup with us. It's going to be a great game! We wouldn't want them to miss it! Ron is very excited, and he can't wait. They will be welcome in our home, to stay in Ron's room. We'll be by to pick them up at 5:00, Sunday if you approve!'

Thank You So Much!,
The Weasleys

Harry's head rose from the letter. 'PLEASE CAN WE GO?' I begged. 'Our godfather won't be happy if it doesn't go our way!' Harry added, winking at me. 'OH FINE! But how will they arrive?' I had never thought this through, how WILL they arrive? Who will come? I didn't know, but on sunday I eventually did. We were all sitting in the sitting room, waiting for some to happen. Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon were in their best clothes. 'I wonder what kind of car he has...' Uncle Vernon grunted. I highly doubted if Uncle Vernon would have taken to Mr. Weasley if he had driven a ferrari. Suddenly we heard Rumbling from the fire place. 'Oh NO!' I thought as Mr. Weasley's voice came. 'Fred, ARGH! Go back and tell George not to- Er.. OUCH! GEORGE! Go back and tell Ron not t-' '-Ouch! RON!' Came Fred's voice. It sounded like he was being squashed against the wall. 'What's Going ON?' Ron's voice came, as Mr. Weasley began to puond on the boards boarding up the fire place. 'Mr. Weasley? Ron?' I said, walking over to the fire place. 'Yeah, Em, I'm here.' Ron's voice said. Someone coughed, and then Mr. Weasley said, 'Yes, I guess that's the ONLY way... Stand to the side Emily.' A great purple ligth exploded in the fire place, and Ron, Mr.Weasley, Fred and George came tumbling out. Coughing, and covered in soot. The sitting room was now filthy. Aunt petunia was cried and the ceiling dust was falling, so I reckon Dudley was running up the stairs. Mr. Weasley got to his feet, and held out his hand to Uncle Vernon. 'Hullo. We are some of the Weasleys, and How D'you do? Fred, George, Please get their trunks. Fred and George grinned. I reckon they wanted to catch a glimspe of Dudley. Ron walked up, and I hugged him. 'I missed you so much!' I said, as Dudley let out a terrified scream. He ran downstairs, clutching his bum. As I let go of Ron, he stared at Dudley. 'Whoa. He's rather large isn't he?' 'Erm... Yeah...' Fred and George came down after Dudley with the trunks. 'Oh Come On! We just wanted you to sample our sweets!' Fred said, chortling. 'NO, You two! No mischief!' Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia, and Dudley were al cowering. Ron, Emily, Harry, You three go back to the Burrow.' So we all did. We were whisking very fast in a tornado of colours. I grabbed Ron's jumper. And then, we fell...