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A Happy Chistmas Story - Kids Stories by *Channy* from Regina, Canada

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Author *Channy* Town Regina
Age 12 Country Canada
Rating 5 Date 28th Nov 1999
Topic Celebrations Around the World
Title A Happy Chistmas Story

Well, it all started a month before Christmas. Yes, I said a month before, not the night before! My friend Tammy was spending the night and of course, my annoying little sister Kassy was bugging us, so I decided to scare her out of her wits. Since she is only 4, she will be all freaked out once I tell her what I was about to tell her.
"Kassy, you are so annoying. You know what? Santa Clause is dead. He died last year. Sleigh ride accident my deary. His evil twin, Santa Claws is taking over. And instead of giving presents to good little children, he gives SPECIAL presents to bad little children"
Of course, Kassy being as snoopy as she is she asks:
"Oh my gosh!! What! What What?!?!?"
"Well he goes into the bad children's rooms and well..if you think about it Kassy..CLAWS. Not the Clause that your used to, its CLAWS. Like cats and dogs have."
Kassy acted the exact way I wanted her too.
"WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH," Kassy yelled, running downstairs crying to Mom.
Tammy and I laughed our heads off, to us, this was the most hilarious, little did we know that in a month, we would be visited by Santa Claws.
The NIGHT Before Christmas
I picked up the phone and dialed Tammy's number.
"Hello, Kolers recidence, how may I help you?"
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Tammy's whole family has terribly good manners. I wanted to be accepted by them, so I always spoke in my good manners to them.
"May I please speak to Tammy"
"Just a second, I will go see if she is avalible."
Suddenly the line went dead.
Oh, I guess Tammy's lil' bro Devon, must have hung up the phone" I thought to myself. Since it was already 9:00PM I decided to go get ready for bed, then curl up in my room, and watch TV for a bit.
I changed into my pajama's, then hopped in bed and covered up with blankets. I started to laugh, thinking about the joke, that me and Tammy had played on Kassy, the Santa Claws joke. Kassy has been a complete angel since then. I turned on the TV, and slowly drifted off to sleep.
I awoke suddenly to a smashing and crashing sound.
"Why would someone be up this early!? It's midnight!" I said quietly, "Maybe its Santa Claws coming to get Kassy." I laughed.
I slowly got out of bed, and walked down the hall to Kassy's room.
With my luck, she's probably up, and she will probably be up all night thinking about that story I told her, I thought.
I carefully opened Kassy's door, and then I gasped. Slouched over Kassy's bed was a big person in a red suit, with long long nails. No wait!!!! Those aren't nails. They are CLAWS!!!
I closed my eyes, hoping that when I opened them again that nothing will be there. But unfortunatley, when I opened my eyes, the red creature was still there.
I screamed and ran to my mom and dad's room. Neither of them were there. I totally freaked out right then and there.
I got down on my knees and screamed and cried, like I never have before. I heard a creaking noise behind me. I stopped screaming and crying for a second, so I could turn around and see who was there. The person in the red suit was standing behind me. I turned around, still on my knees and said, no more like SCREAMED:
"Please don't hurt me! I just meant it as a joke. I didn't want to hurt anyone. Please! Take..take..," I stopped talking a crawled over to a little stuffed animal on the floor,"take my dog Celly instead! PLEASE" The red figure leaned down, it's face covered by red cloth, leaned down as close as it could. Then took the red cloth covering its face off. Revealing that it was my father.My mom came running behind him laughing her head off. My mom and dad, my very own parents, had tricked me! I guess I deserved it. My little sister came from behind my mom laughing. I run up to Kassy and hugged her and said.
"I am so sorry about that joke, its just that you are so annoying when I have friends around"
She smiled and said its okay.
The next morning I called Tammy and told her what had happened, she was part of the joke too.
Now I know not to play practical jokes, then always seem to back fire, and come back at you in your face.
That happened two years ago, and every Christmas Eve, we always sit and laugh about it. Well, I don't I just sit and think about some practical joke I can play on my family.

This is not a true story