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Jessika's Halloween Party - Kids Stories by Levi from El Paso, USA

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Author Levi Town El Paso
Age 9 Country USA
Rating 5 Date 23rd Oct 1999
Topic Celebrations Around the World
Title Jessika's Halloween Party
Jessika’s Halloween Party
By Levi Huguley, age 9
Jessika was excited. Since she was 9, and grown up now, her Mom had agreed to let her have a couple of friends over for a real Halloween party. She had been planning it for weeks. She had helped Mom make all the spooky decorations, spiders, ghosts, jack o’lanterns, goblins and skeletons. They also made her a super spooky goblin costume.
She just hoped her little brother, Zack, would behave. He was always getting into something and causing Jessika trouble. How could one 6-year-old boy be so dangerous? Jessika would never understand. She didn’t really want to, she just wanted him to stay away. Her Mom had promised to keep him busy watching videos upstairs.
She could hardly wait for her two best friends to arrive. Emma was on her way and John would be over as soon as his Mom got home from work.
Jessika was dressed in her goblin costume and the evening was all planned out. They would go trick or treating, then play some games, maybe Yahtzee, her favorite. Eat some snacks, tell spooky stories, and pig out on candy.
Emma arrived dressed up as a skeleton. Her costume looked great! In the dark, it was hard to tell if it was a costume or real. "Ready to go trick or treating?" Emma asked.
"Not yet," replied Jessika, "John will be here as soon as his Mom gets home to give him a ride. Let’s play a game while we wait. If you will grab the Yathzee game from the hall closet, I’ll go get some chips and dip."
Jessika headed toward the kitchen. Emma opened the closet door and a real skeleton fell on her. She screamed and frantically fought the skeleton off of her. She pushed it back into the closet and slammed the door.
Jessika heard the racket. She came running back to the front room. "What happened?"
Emma shakily told Jessika, "I don’t think I want to play games tonight."
Jessika asked, "Why not?"
"I just don’t," Emma said testily.
Jessika headed back into the kitchen to get the food. ‘What could make her friend act so strangely?’ She saw a sticky mess on the floor. ‘I wonder what my messy little brother, Zack, has spilled now. Mom will be upset when she sees the floor.’ Jessika bent over to see what was on the floor. It smelled funny. It smelled worse than anything she had ever known. Something like rotten eggs on top of her Dad’s smelly socks, wrapped in a dirty diaper. She grabbed her nose and went to find Mom. That little brat Zack was not going to blame this on her. She paused at the door when she felt a cold draft of air on her neck and the stench breathing down her neck. She turned and saw the most gruesome goblin you could ever imagine. She screamed, ran out of the kitchen and slammed the door behind her.
Emma asked, "What was all the yelling? What happened to the food?"
"Oh, that..ah..um...a new game Zack and I play. I scream as loud as I can, then it is his turn." Jessika didn’t want to admit she thought she had seen a real goblin. What if it was her imagination? Emma might laugh at her. "Our dip has gone bad. We’ll get some candy when we go trick or treating," Jessika offered.
John arrived just then. The girls were glad for a distraction.
"How do you like my ghost get up?" John asked.
Emma said, "You look really spooky."
"Have I missed anything?" John asked.
Both girls casually answered, "No, nothing, nothing interesting."
"Well, where’s the food, where’s the games?" John asked. "What kind of party is this? Are we going to sit around and stare at each other?"
At the mention of food, Jessika cringed. Emma wondered what would cause her friend to have that reaction. When John asked about games, Emma thought to herself, not tonight, maybe not ever again. Jessika noticed Emma’s strange expression.
John said, "This is dead. Let’s go trick or treating. We can get some great candy before it gets too late and the teenagers come out and steal it all." He was ready for action. He couldn’t understand why his friends were so quiet and content to sit in the house on the most fun night of the year besides Christmas.
Jessika said, "It’s too cold."
Emma said, "I don’t know if my Mom will let me."
John said, "You put on a coat and you call your Mom. Get a life, what is wrong with you two tonight?"
Jessika got her coat. Emma called her Mom and got permission. They didn’t want John to make fun of them for being scared.
While the girls were getting ready, John sat down to look through the latest Sharper Image catalog. He loved the high tech, James Bond gadgets they sell.
The girls were a little jumpy and anxious to get this over with. The headed out the door and turned off the lights without waiting for John. John looked up, "Hey, what’s the big idea. Wait for me!"
"The girrrlssss are outsssssiiiiide," said a ghoulish, whispering voice.
"Who’s there? Where are you?" John asked, thinking the girls were playing a Halloween practical joke on him. This was not funny, but he couldn’t act scared or the girls would never let him live it down.
"I ammmm and riiiiight hhhhere," said a spooky, glowing mass hovering near the ceiling.
John knew this could not be the girls. He screamed and ran for the front door. They were waiting on the porch for him.
"John, what’s wrong?" Emma asked, "You look like you’ve seen a ghost."
"Not funny," John said angrily.
"It is too funny" came a whiny voice from the upstairs window. Jessika wasn’t scared anymore, she was furious. That whiny voice belonged to Zack.
"What’s funny? And where’s Mom?" Jessika yelled up.
"You are! And none of your business" shouted Zack. "A bunch of sissies. I scared you all, made you all scream and ready to cry for Mama."
"WHERE’S MOM?" Jessika shouted, "MOOOOOMMMMMM, Zack’s ruining my party!"
Jessika’s Mom came to the window, "You kids keep it down."
"Mom, he.." Jessika started.
"I did not.. Zack started.
Mom cut them both off, "Whatever it is, settle it and get along." She went back to her movie.
"You didn’t.." started Jessika.
"Yes, I did," said Zack, "and you all fell for it. The skeleton, the goblin, and the ghost, what a bunch of sissies!"
The three friends looked at each other.
Emma said, "Goblin?"
John said, "Skeleton?"
Jessika said, "Ghost?"
Then together, "Let’s get him!!"

-- The end --

A parting thought. This was a great caper by Zack, but how did he know what each person would be wearing? How did he keep his Mom occupied while he pulled his tricks? Maybe there is more to the story…