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This is our Divergent Book & Movie app for fans of Veronica Roth's bestselling science fiction novel.

Here you will find information about the characters of the book, facts and news that you may or may not know.

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Author Angela Town Singapore
Age 10 Country Singapore
Rating 5 Date 26th Sep 1997
Topic Great Stories About Anything
Title Back In Time!
One balmy afternoon, my bosom friend Gracie and I decided to explore Craggie Castle. We set off equipped with maps, a tape recorder and a nutritious lunch.Upon reaching our destination, we felt exhausted as the castle was three miles away from our homes. We sat down to rest. However, in a split second, we were sound asleep.I dreamt that I lived during medieval times. Then it happened! I rubbed my eyes, woke up and beckoned to Gracie. We walked forward and found a boy staring at us. "Hello! You two must be Gracie and Angela, travelled back in time to help me reclaim my throne! By the way, I∆m Boris.∆ "Yes, we are Gracie and Angela but what about all this śreclaiming the throne∆ business∆?" I asked, confused. " Well," said Boris, "my father used to be the Lord of Craggie Castle but sadly, he died in the war. His Chamberlain, Sir Fiasco, claimed the throne. I grew up in the court of Sir Plus, my uncle. For years, Craggie castle has been ruled under Sir Fiasco∆s iron hand. The people have suffered enough and want me, the rightful heir, to rule Craggie Castle. A few of the conspirators have been captured. Ludolf the piano player was supposed to sing and play a tune telling the people to attack. However, he∆s in jail!" " Just get us to his prison chambers and we∆ll handle the rest, I said, remembering the tape recorder.Boris took Gracie and I through many corridors. Finally we reached a dilapidated dungeon with a foul smell. There, we saw a man dressed in an emerald tunic. "Hello Ludolf!" Boris greeted him, "Let me introduce you to our twentieth-century friends, Gracie and Angela." "Hello you two!" Ludolf said, " There∆s no time to waste, how are you going to get my voice to the people?" "Well," I replied, there was certainly no time to explain how a tape recorder works to a seventeenth- century person, "just sing."Ludolf∆s melodious voice the prison. After he finished, we quickly sneaked out of a trapdoor Ludolf showed us. "When is the attack going to take place?" Gracie asked Boris. He replied, " It is going to take place tomorrow, the day of the Midsummer Joust. My uncle, Sir Plus, will arrive disguised as Sir Benign, who is supposed to joust with Sir Fiasco." "OH YES!" he continued, "Does anybody know how to play the piano?" "I can." I replied. "Good. We∆ll go to Madame Magdeleine∆s Medieval Clothes to get you changed." He took us to a shabby shop. "What do you want to buy?" asked an apple-cheeked, jolly woman. "Two emerald tunics, please," said Boris. "Put these on," he said to us. I paid for the tunics and pocketed the change. Boris then led us back to Craggie Castle."TADA!" the earsplitting sound of drums echoed through the air as śSir Benign∆ entered with his army. I sat at the piano and played it. Gracie hid behind me and pressed the śPLAY∆ button of the tape recorder. "CHARGE!" śSir Benign∆ shouted to his army. Sir Fiasco and his men were taken by surprised. They were defenseless. Suddenly, a woman in a scarlet gown dashed in. "Grandma!" shouted Boris. "Lady Gloriana!" cried Sir Fiasco. The woman said, "Gracie and Angela, thanks for helping my grandson reclaim the throne. Your time.." "But wait," Gracie interrupted, " How did you get us here?" "It's a secret," said the woman mysteriously, "Now your time has come to go back." With that, she cast us into a deep sleep. "Wake up!" Gracie said to me. "Oh," I said. I woke up. We were back in our own time. Then I felt something in my pocket. It was the change from the costumes we had purchased, now aged with time. I showed them to Gracie. We knew we had been there.