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This is our Divergent Book & Movie app for fans of Veronica Roth's bestselling science fiction novel.

Here you will find information about the characters of the book, facts and news that you may or may not know.

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Abnegation Amity Candor Dauntless Erudite Tris Four Eric Jeanine

Author Annie Richmond Town Geelong
Age 11 Country Australia
Rating 5 Date 26th Sep 1997
Topic Great Stories About Anything
Title Jordan and the wierd Ice cream
"Mum, isn't there any Ice cream?" asked Jordan, who had been having ice cream when he woke up every day of his life, starting when he turned 5! "I'm sorry, but I havn't been shopping yet, we'r going tomorrow night," she went back to her pie that she was cooking. "But you can have some pie when it's finished," she said. "No, I have to have Ice cream!" he said. "Well, you'll have to go with out," and that was the end of their discussion. The next night, Jordan and his mum went shopping. "Mum, can I go and choose the ice cream?" he asked. From every day they went shopping, and Ice cream was on the list, he was allowed to choose the one he wanted, and never was it anything else. "Sure, meet me in the next isle," she continued off on her shopping, and Jordon ran to the freezer section. He walked up and dowm, looking for Peters Ice cream. Because he couldn't find it after twice up and down, he looked at the lables on the shelves, and continued walking up and down. He soon saw a lable for Peters original Ice Cream. He lookedat the shelf above the lable - only to see a big empty place. "Oh, no!" he said alowed. There was no Peters Ice cream left! He looked one more time, for just one tub that may have been put back in the wrong place. He siged. "How can I break my routine now? It's been going on for 2 years!" he said tohimself. Just then, a loud noise went past. He looked up, to see a woman who worked in the shop, wheeling a trollie. "Excuse me, but where is your Peters Ice cream?" "Oh, aren't you cute! I'll find you some ice cream, just moment," she smiled, and walked off. Jordon waited. And waited. He waited for a long time, but that lady never came back! He looked one more time in the big windows of the freezer, then turned to go back to his mum. "Honey! There you are! You've been gone for ages! What happened?" asked Jordon'smother, who had finsihed all the shopping, and had come looking for him. "There's no Peters Ice cream left, and lady said she'd get me some, then he walked off, and she hasn't come back! I've been waiting for her for a long time!" His mother looked in the windows of the freezer. "Well, you'll have to get another brand of Ice cream tonight, but when you've eaten it all up, you can get some more. Peters if you want. So which one?" she looked at Jordan. "I don't care, you can get any one," he said. He walked unhapily towards their trollie. "Okay," said his mother, as she pulled out some Bonkers Chocolate Ice cream. She put it in the trollie, and they paid and drove home. Jordon opened the freezer, the night after, excitedly and grabbed for his yummy Ice cream. Then he remembered. There was no Ice cream, well notthe stuff he liked, anyway. He got it out and looked at it. He decided he would try it, and took out a spoon. He scooped some out, and popped it in his mouth. He tasted it, swallowed, and ate even more! This Ice cream was better than Peters! He ate untill he was full. Then, he put it back in the freezer. All of a sudden, he began to feel funny. Then, he felt his toes, then his legs getting smaller. They shrank down, untill his tiny legs couldn't support his normal sized body, and he fell over. As soon as he did, his fingers then arms shrank, too! Then his ears, and his body, then his head! It kept going untill he was no more than as big as a safety Pin! "What happened?" he asked himself. "Everythings huge!" He looked down at thefloor. "Yikes!" he said. His clothes lay in a pile on the floor, they were as big as, as well he used to be. He was standing in the middle of the pile, with no clohes on! "Molly!" he said. He rememberd his little sister's doll's, and their clothes. He ran, well it was more like an ant running, to his sisters room, and slid under the door. Then, he looked around. He could see a doll lying on the floor, with a little pair of tights, and a dress. "Oh, it will have to do," he said. He slipped the dress on, and then decided what to do next. He sat down in the dolls house, to think. "It was the Ice cream that got me small, so maybe the Ice cream will get me big," he thoiught. He decided to see if he was right. "The Ice creams in the freezer, though!" he said. He got to the kitchen, andlooked up at what seemed like five million stories, of fridge. He decided to go and get something that would help him to open the door and get up there. He started turning around, when he saw the back of the fridge. It was in little sqares, so walked over. He knew he could climb it, so he started climbing. After what seemed like years, he reached the top, and was lying on his tummy, looking over the edge. It was along way down. He used the spoon he had braught with him, to pry open the huge door, and as soon as he did, the Ice cream fell to the ground. The lid fell of, and it lay there on the floor, open. He decided to have some fun, and jump down into it! It was a soft landing, and he had soon dug a spoonfull out of the ice cream, and had it in his mouth. As soon as he did, he felt strange agin, then shot up, and was as big as he was before. His mum had heard the icecream fall, and came running in. "Jordon, what are you doind in a dress!?" she said.