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The Wealthy Penguin - Kids Stories by Ay-Nur Najm from Manhattan, USA

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Author Ay-Nur Najm Town Manhattan
Age 11 Country USA
Rating 5 Date 2nd Aug 1997
Topic Great Stories About Anything
Title The Wealthy Penguin
Once upon a time their used to be a penguin whose name was Monsieur Traviere who was from France/Antarctica. Now, this was no ordinary penguin - this penguin was a filthy rich penguin. You might find that quite impossible to believe but it was true. How? You ask again over and over to yourselves. Well, it was sort of a slight accident. He found a lotto ticket that had flown in a hurricane all the way to Antarctica and at the same time he had been blown to France in a fancy apartment with the strongest gust of wind which scientists do not know about. The only people who do know what this wind is called are kids. That's right its you! Any way, the name for all you grown up's information is called a Triple Fudge Split Wind. It's a sort of an imagination wind. Well, it brought him luck because that moment he found himself under a chair watching TV in the bedroom of the president. He was very excited, for it is not every day that a penguin can survive to past all the guards, being flowed away all the way from Antarctica, to land beneath the very chair the president was sitting on. However, it was that time the lotto jackpot number was announced and that it also matched the one the penguin had. And how he jumped with delight not knowing that the president of France was halfway up into the air because of his happiness. Luckily the penguin was polite so every thing was forgotten. He apologized to the president who was half frozen from shaking the hands of a talking penguin - a polite talking penguin - a polite talking penguin flown from Antarctica by the Triple Fudge Split Wind. Luckily it was winter and it was the coldest day in Paris and the president's room was freezing - which was just the right temperature for the penguin. Well, then what did you know, but the both talked on the sofa with a hot mug of hot coco - the penguin explaining and the president nodding. After their wonderful talk the president called the number on the lotto number and arranged for the penguin to have his money . The penguin was very happy that he bought all the GUCCI stores for himself in small size -- extraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa small size! Well, you can see him now in Paris having fun. For he goes to see the Eiffel Tower every Monday and then he stops by the Notredam every Sunday and then with his horse carriage passes the Arch the Triumph every Wednesday. Then after that every Friday he goes to the famous Museum of Louvre to see the beautiful Mona Lisa work. Then at night he goes with the president to eat at Valerie's every Saturday! So, you might say - he is having the time of his life! THE END