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This is our Divergent Book & Movie app for fans of Veronica Roth's bestselling science fiction novel.

Here you will find information about the characters of the book, facts and news that you may or may not know.

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Author Jessica Tate Town Grandview
Age 11 Country USA
Rating 4 Date 26th Jul 1997
Topic Great Stories About Anything
Title My Great Adventure Vol.4
...But what I laerned was not somthing the teacher said,it was somthing that Gilessaid.It turns out the black thing was an alien."Euww.I was nearly ripped open by an alien.Gross."I said."So how do we kill it?"Buffy said."What happens when it kills?"I asked."It feeds. It eats the intestines and other organs." Giles said. "What otherorgans?" Willow asked. "The,well,I don't think you really want to know."Giles answered."No,I really want to know what part of me I would have had to say bye-bye to."Isaid."Well if you insist. The lungs and the bladder." he said. I fainted then and there.I woke up in the nurses office. "Can I go to the library?"I asked the school nurse."No.You need your rest.Now stay here and i'll be right back."The nurse said.When she hadleft the room,I grabbed a pen and piece of paper and wrote a quick explanation.I escapedfrom the nurses office and went to the library."Back so soon?"said the alien.At the timeit was in the form of my classmate. "I hope that you didn't take advantage of those lungsof yours." it said. It changed into it's original form right in front of my eyes."What didyou do with them?" I asked. "Well,the kids are in class and the old geek is running an arrand."it said. "Well,could you please tell me what clsses they're in?"I asked."Sure.They're in French class. Anything else I can do to make your last moments memorable?"it asked.I had toget it away from the door."Yes,there is one thing.Could you run to the card catalog and tellme what nitro glycerin can do to a person if swallowed?" I asked it."O.k."it said.When it was at the the card catalog I ran out the door and to the french room.I knocked on the door."Yes? May I help you?"the french teacher asked."Ahem,the principal needs Buffy Summers in hisoffice."I told the french teacher. I then peeked into the room and signalled for Buffy. "Exuseme. The principal sent me to say that he made a little mistake. It turns out that he doesn't need Buffy after all." the alien said. I was trapped. I couldn't get Buffy.But then I rememberedthe room with all of the weapons. I turned around and started to run. I got into the library andwent to the weapon room.I pulled out a sword and got ready to use it."You really think that that stupid sword will protect you?"it said."She might. But if it doesn't,she's got me." Buffysaid."What the?!" the alien said right before Buffy kicked it. With it defencless on the floor,Istabbed it in the heart. "I think it's over." I said. "Let's ask Giles when he gets back." Buffysaid. "Speaking of Giles,where is he?" I asked. "He went to run some kind of errand. "Buffy said."Who came to tell him about the errand?"I asked Buffy."I did."the alien said.It was in it's human form at that time. "That's the alien!"I yelled. Then it changed. "That was a very meanthing to do to me. Stabbing me and all. It didn't hurt that much. You see,I'm new at this and so,I was wandering if I could eat somthing from around here. Any volunteers?"the alien said. "Ivolunteer."I said. I had a little plan. Find out what the plan is in Vol.5 of My Great Adventure