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This is our Divergent Book & Movie app for fans of Veronica Roth's bestselling science fiction novel.

Here you will find information about the characters of the book, facts and news that you may or may not know.

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Author Jessica Tate Town Grandview
Age 11 Country USA
Rating 4 Date 24th Jul 1997
Topic Great Stories About Anything
Title My Great Adventure Vol.2
..."So why do I have to learn?" I asked him. "Because,we needsomeone with your ability to get out of a situation quite fast. You see,Buffy's "job" will be getting a whole lot more harder..." Giles said before I fainted again. I relized then what he was getting at. When I came to,I felt like I had won a million dollars. "I have one question,will I be moving to Sunnydale?" I asked Giles. "Maybe. It depends on what your mother thinks of the idea."Giles said. "Umm...are we welcome to eat?" Xander asked." Yes. Just don't eat the pie or the brownies." my mother answered. "Rats.Oh well." Xander said. WhenI was back on my feet, I went to our cupbaords and looked fora bottle of strawberry flavoured water. I was out. I knew I hadn'tdrunk all of them, but then I noticed Willow had one. Then I looked at Xander and saw that he had one also. I had only gottenfour when we went to the store last and only drank one. Then I noticed Buffy had one. So I took a stawberry banana. When I openedit up it started to explode. But I prevented the little explosion.It was 7:00 and I usually had dinner at that time so I asked them"Do any of you want some dinner?" Xander said,"Sure.What are we having?" "Well,I can make some potatoes and corn and for the maincourse either,steak,hamburger,hot dogs,or pizza."I said. "Pizza."they all said."How many slices?"I asked. Xander said,"Four",Buffy said,"Three",and Willow said "Four". "With,or without pepperoni?"Iasked. "With"they all said. So I made the potatoes first,and the pizzalast. "This is not exactly what I expected." Xander said. But he stillchowed down. After dinner,we went back to the 'Will I move to Sunnydale'topic. "Come on mom. Please. It can be a Christmas to Birthday present.Please?" I begged. "Where would we stay until we found a house? Where wouldthe horses go? Where would the dogs go?" my mother asked. "Well,we could sell the horses, and after we found a place, put Bart and Homer in one room and Little Girl and C.M. in another,and then keep the doors locked so they couldn't get out." I said. "But where would we stay until then? Andwhere would the cats go?"my mother asked. "Well,we could hire someone to care of this place until we found a place of our own." I said. "Well,it does sound pretty good. Okay. We'll move to Sunnydale."my mom said."YES!"Isaid. We sold our horses for $250 each after we found a place. About one month after we moved in,school started. On the first day, I made five new friends. Xander and Willow showed me around campus. Oddly,though,was thatone of my classmates kept running to the bathroom. At the time I just thought that she had drunk a lot of liquids. But I was wrong. I relized that when I asked if I could be exused myself. Find out what was wrong in the next volume of My Great Adventure