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This is our Divergent Book & Movie app for fans of Veronica Roth's bestselling science fiction novel.

Here you will find information about the characters of the book, facts and news that you may or may not know.

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Author Zoe Town Blackpool
Age 12 Country United Kingdom
Rating 5 Date 30th Jul 2002
Topic Lord of the Rings
Title The Adventures of Merry and Pippin /chapter too
pleas note this story is best for people hwo have red LOTR's


“The marshes are thick around heir don’t you think?” asked Pippin as they struggled through the marshes of minas morgul. Evan though it was morning, the sky was as black as night, which had coursed them to lose the harad road about a mile ago. Considering that our Merry and Pippin where only hobbits themselves, it took little more than an Howa to walk that distance. As they struggled through the marshes towards mount doom. The sky got a little lighter, spreading a thin ray of sunlight over their path. When they were wiry from walking so long and breakfast seamed like ages ago, the to hobbits decided that it was high time for lunch. Merry took out the map of Mordor Gandalf had gave to them “according to this map,” Merry said as Pippin unwrapped a loaf of lembas (Eleven bread that gives you strength and energy) “we are in Cirith Ungol.”
“Ungol, isn’t that the name of the king orc?” asked Pippin.
With that, an arrow flu through the are and pinned Pippin’s cloak to the trunk of a near by tree. Before the to hobbit’s could work out what direction the arrow had come from a shower of arrow’s rained down upon them. Merry ducked but Pippin being pined to the tree could not. When Merry looked up he saw orc’s from every angle appearing from behind the trees and shooting were ever they could.
Merry ran over to Pippin and yanked the arrow out of the trunk. Pippin ducked just as an arrow hit were they just where. quick as litning, the two hobbit's ran flat out through the tree's and didn't stop intell the angry grunts and shouts from the orc's were out of ear shot. panting from there encounter with the orc's the two hobbit's colapsed on the ground nexed to a stone layed road.
'Look' said Pippin exitedly 'we have found the harad road again.'

TO BE CONTINUED<<<<<<<<<<<<<<