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This is our Divergent Book & Movie app for fans of Veronica Roth's bestselling science fiction novel.

Here you will find information about the characters of the book, facts and news that you may or may not know.

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Author Lauren Town Perth
Age 10 Country Australia
Rating 3 Date 27th Jul 2002
Topic Lord of the Rings
Title The gloom stone chapter 1 Sam Turner
The Gloom Stone

Chapter1 Sam Turner

Sam turner was a very unlucky boy and he had no Idea why. He was a very smart kid but no one knew it. For egsample he would always do his homework with no answers wrong and it was extremely neat, but he always forgot to take his homework to school. He would have a long sleep one night and come to school the next day really tired. One day he even snored in class at the wrong time (when the teacher was talking about maths). Sam was very unpopular and the only friends he had he didn’t really like. Sam’s mum had died and his Dad wasn’t very interested in what he did; all he worried about was missing his favourite shows on television. Sam would come home every day and play with the only living thing that didn’t shout or growl at him, his dog. Sam hasn’t even heard of the person who did it yet and doesn’t know anything about it but Sam is under a spell called the bad luck spell. A fair few people had got put under this spell but didn’t even know it. The bad luck spell makes you and your offspring’s have a terrible life until the gloom stone is cracked in half. When it is cracked in half everyone who was put under the spell is freed from it. An animal called the Vozilodite put the people under the spell. He did it because one day he caught on fire by accident he stayed alive but turned from a friendly human being into an evil Vozilodite. To get to the gloom stone you have to get to the island of Sundu and kill the only living Vozilodites and other creatures to leave a clear path. Allot of people had mad it half way along but the problem was that as soon as they got about half way the only person who could brake the stone (the person that was under the curse) would die half way because of their bad luck. Which would leave the others with no choice but to turn back or be eaten alive. Sam had just about got the dog when the doorbell rang knowing his parents wouldn’t move he went to get the door. “ Hello is Sam their” it was a stranger but Sam let him in anyway and took the man into his room. Um hi I don’t know you do I? No you don’t I don’t know wether you were told but I will start at the start have you heard of the bad luck spell. No Sam said wondering if this man was mad. Ok started the man by the way I am Tom after explaining a bit about himself he told Sam about it and what he intended to do at the end Sam was left with his mouth wide open in surprise. Sam said Tom YOU are who we want to take.