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This is our Divergent Book & Movie app for fans of Veronica Roth's bestselling science fiction novel.

Here you will find information about the characters of the book, facts and news that you may or may not know.

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Abnegation Amity Candor Dauntless Erudite Tris Four Eric Jeanine

Author Justin Town Detroit
Age 12 Country USA
Rating 1 Date 30th Oct 2001
Topic Your thoughts on
Title Hmmmm...

So you guys would actually publish a book? Sounds interesting.
But what about privacy and all that stuff? I don't want to sound greedy or anything, but will the authors get any of the benefits from a published Book( money, acknowledgement, fame and glory, ect..)
Another question: if you publish a book, that would mean you would need our names. What will you do, e-mail our parents for certain information?
I w ould like nothing more then to see my poem 'Gremlins' published in a real book. But first, I would be greatly obliged if you could answer my questions.