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This is our Divergent Book & Movie app for fans of Veronica Roth's bestselling science fiction novel.

Here you will find information about the characters of the book, facts and news that you may or may not know.

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Abnegation Amity Candor Dauntless Erudite Tris Four Eric Jeanine
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Books are wonderful - they can transport us to worlds we can only dream about. If you've read a great book lately, let the whole world know about it.

Date Author * Town Title
19th Oct 1999Chasity4Arthur 's baby sister
16th Nov 1999Olivia3SpartanburgBooks, Books, and More Books!
28th Feb 2000Alice4CirencesterLord of the Flies.
26th Apr 2000Melissa2PerthHarry Potter and the Chamber of Secre
29th Apr 2000Norin3WichitaRandall's Wall
1st May 2000Allison3AnnArborThe jolly Postman
3rd May 2000amy3goulburnWitches
10th May 2000Samantha..4OmahaThe Happy Hippopotami
5th Jun 2000lauren1waston d.c.salor moon
10th Jun 2000Brandi4St. LouisThe Horse Whisperer
10th Jul 2000ruta2torontoaligator baby
13th Jul 2000laura3DesboroughThe adventures of tom saywer
3rd Aug 2000ricky2seoulfroggy gets dressed
12th Aug 2000brandon4houstonchildren of the earth
7th Sep 2000Tyler3Wilkes-BarreA Magical Chest
15th Sep 2000Unknown2AdelaidePioneers all
7th Oct 2000maria2valley streamgood morning bears
13th Oct 2000Oana3LaurelBridge to Terabithia
19th Oct 2000Laura4HollandHatchet
1st Dec 2000Tyler3Flower MoundHoles
20th Dec 2000Jessica3WaltonNumber the Stars
6th Jan 2001Amanda3Gold CoastHarry Potter series
10th Jan 2001 Rena Leanne Eric3 Lamoille Harold ,Gretchen and The Raining Un
29th Jan 2001Parth3RockinghamHarry Potter goes to Hogwarts
30th Jan 2001Joey3WaldorfEnder's Game
2nd Feb 2001Taryn5RockinghamBridge to Teribithia
5th Feb 2001Parth5RockinghamHarry Potter gets to Hogwarts
6th Feb 2001Tamy1Comakatoomebooks
9th Feb 2001Zack W4RockinghamShiloh
9th Feb 2001Brian3RockinghamThe Box Car Children And The House Boat
9th Feb 2001Saachi P.3RockinghamKristy and the Hauned Mansion
9th Feb 2001Ryan2RockinghamThe Box Car Childeren And The Outer Spac
9th Feb 2001Katie3RockinghamAble's Island
9th Feb 2001Tiffany3RockinghamThe Church
9th Feb 2001Princess3RockinghamHarret tubman
9th Feb 2001Brittany2RockinghamSarah Plain,and Tall
9th Feb 2001Christopher3RockinghamHARRY POTTER and the SORCERERS STONE
9th Feb 2001Holly3RockinghamSalem's Tails #7 Cat By The Tail
9th Feb 2001kyle2rockinghamPinball
9th Feb 2001Hillary3RockinghamThe Boxcar Kids
9th Feb 2001Lakita M.3RockinghamRosa Parks
9th Feb 2001Terence2RockinghamI don't know the name but.....
9th Feb 2001David3RockinghamGeorge's Marveslous Medicine
9th Feb 2001Audreyauna B.3RockinghamRamona and Beezus
9th Feb 2001Bronwyn4RockinghamThe Amazing Days Of Abby Hayes
9th Feb 2001Chad M.1RockinghamThe school gosebumps
9th Feb 2001leaing-ann B.2Rockingham N.C.michelle's friends 4 ever 1.

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