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This is our Divergent Book & Movie app for fans of Veronica Roth's bestselling science fiction novel.

Here you will find information about the characters of the book, facts and news that you may or may not know.

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Abnegation Amity Candor Dauntless Erudite Tris Four Eric Jeanine
My Friends

Friends are great and an important part of life. We care about them and they teach us things. We'd like to read all about you and your friends.

Date Author * Town Title
14th May 1997Chloe Begg3MeltonMy best friends
15th May 1997Peter Morrison3EppingMy Dog, Toby
18th May 1997Catherine Jane Begg3MeltonMy best friend
18th May 1997Samantha Begg3MeltonNikki
23rd May 1997Caitlyn Hoggart3MelbourneBertha Jabber Jaws
2nd Jun 1997Lucas Lim2Bukit PanjangMy many friends in Australia
28th Jun 1997Choy siew mei2IpohMy sister,my friend
28th Jun 1997Jose Manuel Balleste3La PazMy best friend
5th Jul 1997Taylor3SpringfieldTaylor's Day
10th Jul 1997Andrew Collien3HobartFriends
15th Jul 1997Cristian3SandiegoRock
17th Jul 1997Daniel Pinho3Rio de JaneiroGood friends
5th Aug 1997Davina5SpringfieldNo Title
18th Sep 1997Christian2Chula VistaMy friends
12th Oct 1997Kristyn Benthin3Baytown, TxMy friends
20th Oct 1997Kaite Massie3Wellston OH.My Very Best Friends
8th Nov 1997Horacito2Fairfax virginiaI like to go to school
3rd Dec 1997Ray3SeekonkMy tasty lunch
11th Dec 1997Ferdianne Joy3MushroomvilleThe baby kangaroo
24th Dec 1997Ally4KentuckyNo Title
1st Jan 1998BRIAN3RICHMONDAll about brian
4th Jan 1998June4WilmingtonDream
25th Jan 1998Robino2Funky TownBEST FRIEND
2nd Feb 1998Maya Wei4BlacksburgA unicorn that could fly
2nd Feb 1998Sam3RandolphBarkley
8th Feb 1998Chrissy2MountaintopNo Title
10th Feb 1998Brendon3NewellMy brother and me.
10th Feb 1998Ashley Powell2Hilcbro orMy friend Kristin Hopper.
11th Feb 1998Chloe.4Cairns.The forest.
14th Feb 1998Jamie2SmithtownGirls are friends
18th Feb 1998Kassie Van Every4Delhi, OntarioFigaro
22nd Feb 1998Kai Carter3North RoyaltonMy Mommy And I
22nd Feb 1998Lixing2My friend
3rd Mar 1998Christian Machamer3Angleton, TXBunny Wunny
6th Mar 1998Felicia Martin3Manitowoc , WIMy Surprise
12th Mar 1998Liefia Ingalls3PalmdaleOne Great Teacher Who Once Was
12th Mar 1998Mandy Duncan5FayettevilleA Friend Indeed
14th Mar 1998LaToscha3TennesseeMy best friend
18th Mar 1998RaStar Lang5China GroveNo Title
18th Mar 1998katie niehaus3ger.HELLO SARA SAM AND TARA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
22nd Mar 1998Lindsey3Kingwood, TXNo Title
22nd Mar 1998Rose Parker5Villa ParkThe Girl
23rd Mar 1998Brdget5FLFriends
23rd Mar 1998AllisonNkatelyn3ALBridget, A Best Friend
25th Mar 1998Jordan4TacomaMy dog
29th Mar 1998Lixing2Friends forever
3rd Apr 1998Ian Duh2State CollegeUncle's wedding