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This is our Divergent Book & Movie app for fans of Veronica Roth's bestselling science fiction novel.

Here you will find information about the characters of the book, facts and news that you may or may not know.

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Abnegation Amity Candor Dauntless Erudite Tris Four Eric Jeanine
Author Biographies

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Date Author * Town Title
31st Aug 2003Editor1MelbourneSo now you know
31st Aug 2003alison3Glen RockAlison Gordon
31st Aug 2003Gregory3???Ready or not, here comes me!
31st Aug 2003Sasha3Shirley,New YorkAll about me
31st Aug 2003Iesha2amarillo About me
31st Aug 2003Anna3West HartfordAll about me!
31st Aug 2003Chris3MalvernMy Story
31st Aug 2003Vanessa3Lubbock,TexasAll About Me!!
1st Sep 2003Sheryl3Hong KongHi everyone! (to Anna)
1st Sep 2003Lucy5NorthamptonMy Magical Life-Part one
1st Sep 2003Lucy4NorthamptonMy Magical Life-Part 2
1st Sep 2003Kristin4Plainfield, ILAbout me
1st Sep 2003Rachel3PhoenixAll About Me
1st Sep 2003Haley3NorfolkMe!
2nd Sep 2003Sheryl1Hong KongTo Editor and everone else
2nd Sep 2003Tess4Richmond, VAAll About Moi
2nd Sep 2003Mitchell. S2Rosebery stAll About Me
4th Sep 2003Anna2?About a Banana! (Anna!)
4th Sep 2003Bri4JacksonAll About -- Me!
4th Sep 2003Maria5TullamarineMy ' Auto Biography ' **** !
5th Sep 2003Bri3JacksonHere is alittle more that I forgot to ad
6th Sep 2003PJ2MAPJ's Story Biography
11th Sep 2003Nikki2BrisbaneAbout me!!!!
11th Sep 2003J.C.3DetroitWARNING: What You Are About To Read is t
12th Sep 2003Mikie3ActworthALL ABOUT ME part 1
13th Sep 2003Mikie1ActworthExtra part From all about me!
14th Sep 2003Charlotte4WirralMy autobiography (part 1)
14th Sep 2003Charlotte4WirralMy autobiography (part 2)
16th Sep 2003Anna4?Interview with a Banana (Anna!)
20th Sep 2003Tara3Sacramento Me, Tara, the shopping Goddess
22nd Sep 2003Mary1SavageAll about me
23rd Sep 2003Kayla1arranmora!!!!!!!!!!!???!!!!!!!!!!!! well of cou
24th Sep 2003Hunter5OklahomaAbout me!
28th Sep 2003krishma4englandall about me
30th Sep 2003Monster2MonstervilleMe! ROAR!!!
30th Sep 2003Catherine1S.MAbOuT mE!
1st Oct 2003Tess3Richmond, VAAll About Moi--2
4th Oct 2003Sasha3?More about me
6th Oct 2003christina4millvilleA story about a little girl named Christ
14th Oct 2003nikki5tampame? You want to know about moi? Me? I'm
26th Oct 2003Nikki3Brisbanea lil about me!!!!i live on the stage.
28th Oct 2003Leanne4OHA picture of me-well, a rough draft anyw
6th Nov 2003heather1miamicristina m. eve.
6th Nov 2003renato1miamicme
6th Nov 2003gustavo2miamicme
6th Nov 2003Cierra3MiamiAll about C.M.E
6th Nov 2003alexsia3miamic.m.e
26th Nov 2003Tara4SacramentoAbout Me !
30th Nov 2003Debjani5CalcuttaMy Autobiography

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