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This is our Divergent Book & Movie app for fans of Veronica Roth's bestselling science fiction novel.

Here you will find information about the characters of the book, facts and news that you may or may not know.

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Abnegation Amity Candor Dauntless Erudite Tris Four Eric Jeanine
Pokemon Authors

Ok, here it is. Authors from Pokemon Adventures can swap story ideas, messages and a little bit of Pokemon chat. Be nice to each other, no fighting please.
Messages in this topic will only be kept for a month and will then be deleted. They will not be rated.

Date Author * Town Title
2nd Sep 2003Sheryl1Hong KongYeah for PkMn!
2nd Sep 2003Sheryl1Hong KongYeah for PkMn!
2nd Sep 2003Sheryl1Hong KongYeah for PkMn!
2nd Sep 2003Sasha1?another story...
2nd Sep 2003Anna1West HartfordTo Sheryl
2nd Sep 2003Anna1West HartfordTo Sheryl
2nd Sep 2003Vanessa1Lubbock,TexasTo Anyone who talks Pokemon!
2nd Sep 2003Sheryl1Hong KongTo Anna
3rd Sep 2003Anna1West HartfordTo Sheryl
3rd Sep 2003Haley1NorfolkTo Sasha
3rd Sep 2003Vanessa1Lubbock,TexasTo Sasha
3rd Sep 2003Sasha1??To Haley
4th Sep 2003Sheryl1Hong KongSasha!
4th Sep 2003PJ1MATo Anna
4th Sep 2003PJ1MATo Anna (sorry I messed up on something)
4th Sep 2003Anna1West HartfordTo PJ
4th Sep 2003Vanessa1Lubbock,TexasTo Sasha ONLY!!
4th Sep 2003Vanessa1Lubbock,TexasTo Sasha
4th Sep 2003Vanessa1Lubbock,TexasTo Sasha important!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4th Sep 2003Vanessa1Lubbock,TexasSasha
4th Sep 2003Vanessa1Lubbock,TexasSasha!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5th Sep 2003Bri1JacksonVanessa!
6th Sep 2003Sasha1??To everyone!
6th Sep 2003Vanessa1Lubbock,TexasTo Everyone
6th Sep 2003Vanessa1Lubbock,TexasOne More Thing!!!!
6th Sep 2003Vanessa1Lubbock,TexasForgot to Mention (Sorry Editor)
6th Sep 2003Haley1NorfolkHello People!
6th Sep 2003PJ1MATo Anna
7th Sep 2003Anna1West HartfordTo PJ
7th Sep 2003Anna1West HartfordTo PJ
7th Sep 2003Vanessa1Lubbock,TexasTo Everyone
7th Sep 2003Mary1SavageTo Vanessa
7th Sep 2003Mary1SavageTo Vanessa
9th Sep 2003Haley1NorfolkTo All Readers of My Story
9th Sep 2003Vanessa1Lubbock,TexasTo Everyone new story
9th Sep 2003Vanessa1Lubbock,TexasAnother Important Detail Everyone
9th Sep 2003Vanessa1Lubbock,TexasBad News
10th Sep 2003Vanessa1Lubbock,TexasTo Everyone
11th Sep 2003Bri1JacksonRemember 9/11 2003
12th Sep 2003Vanessa1Lubbock,TexasSasha (only message so has everything I
12th Sep 2003Bri1JacksonTo Vanessa! 8)
12th Sep 2003Mitchell. S1Rosebery stEvereyone - Future Pokemon Plans
12th Sep 2003Vanessa1Lubbock,TexasTo Bri
12th Sep 2003Sheryl1Hong KongTo Vanessa
13th Sep 2003Mikie1ActworthTo Bri
13th Sep 2003Bri1JacksonTo Mikie
14th Sep 2003Anna1West HartfordTo PJ
14th Sep 2003Mary1SavageTo everyone
14th Sep 2003Mitchell. S1Rosebery stTo Mary - I want to be in the Story
14th Sep 2003Mary1SavageTo Mitchtell S.