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This is our Divergent Book & Movie app for fans of Veronica Roth's bestselling science fiction novel.

Here you will find information about the characters of the book, facts and news that you may or may not know.

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Abnegation Amity Candor Dauntless Erudite Tris Four Eric Jeanine
I'm an Expert...

Here's where you can share your knowledge about whatever it is that you know about. Dinosaurs, the universe, cars, the environment... anything at all.

Date Author * Town Title
24th Jul 2002Shadowfax5Columbus, OhioLocal Dinosauria expert
25th Jul 2002Leanne5OHBallet-the basics
25th Jul 2002Jordan3LancasterLots of things I know
25th Jul 2002Nikki4BrisbaneI'm an expert at....
26th Jul 2002Leanne3OHBallet-Jumps
26th Jul 2002Shadowfax5ohioMore Dinosauria info
28th Jul 2002Zoe3BlackpoolRocket sciance
2nd Aug 2002Sarah5PrestonDancing
2nd Aug 2002Lauren3PerthI am good at
5th Aug 2002Lucy3NorthamptonFashion Design(part one)
7th Aug 2002Samantha4La CrescentaForget the Mouse
25th Aug 2002Scarlett2San FransiscoI'm expert at...
26th Aug 2002Nikki3BrisbaneI live in a pool!
27th Aug 2002Melissa2AnytownI'm an expert at a lot of things
30th Aug 2002terri-marie3west bromwichim a good swimmer
19th Sep 2002Melissa L.4TXMy Arabian Horses Report
20th Sep 2002Melissa L.5TXMongol Livestock Report
11th Nov 2002Melissa L.5TexasMy Wool Sheep Report
17th Nov 2002Jessica2McleanSuper Jeesica
21st Nov 2002Erik2LubbockI am a expert
24th Nov 2002Jordan2Prophetstown,Music
7th Dec 2002kaitlyn2west bromwichmiss moody
7th Dec 2002Miah3DallasMessing Things Up
17th Dec 2002Kaitlyn2Burnabyi AM an expert on lightswitches, you kno
1st Jan 2003Faye3Mystery TownIf thruth be told i'm the best at.......
6th Jan 2003Rosie3ManchesterIm an expert at nothing... but
27th Jan 2003Brittany1MesaWhat They Think
28th Jan 2003Adelaide4The ShireMimicry
13th Feb 2003Nicki3.Saying hello
20th Feb 2003Isabella2BurlingtonPiano
21st Feb 2003Karen3YorkshireI Am An Expert At.....
21st Feb 2003Elyssa5Red BankThe Different Things of Music
3rd Mar 2003*~Bri*~2Unknow right NowIam Not A Expert But i can Play it good!
20th Mar 2003Hunter3OklahomaReading, and writing!!!!
20th Mar 2003Cannot2SaskatoonMaths and Language are what I am experts
15th Apr 2003Kareem2Cairoim an expert in inventing stuff ..
20th Apr 2003Hope3CincinnatiJust a thought
26th Apr 2003Whoever4Whereverwaving
3rd May 2003Kajori3TorontoNobody's better at hiding themselves tha
3rd May 2003Sarah2BritainCartoon drawer
16th May 2003christina2east rutherfordmy class shop in paramus
16th May 2003ann-marie1berdefieldmy shop in school
12th Jun 2003Leanne5OHHorses,Chapter1, Part1, Do you really wa
13th Jun 2003Leanne5OHHorseCare,Chapter1,Part2,Do you really w
17th Jun 2003Leanne5OHHorseCare,Chapter2,Part1, Feeding
18th Jun 2003Leanne5OHHorseCare,Chapter2,Part2,Feeding
20th Jun 2003Leanne5OHHorseCare,Chapter 2,Part 3,Feeding
21st Jun 2003Leanne5OHHorseCare,Chapter 3, The Grooming Routin
29th Jun 2003Zachary1Redwood cityHow to be A+ at x & on level

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