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This is our Divergent Book & Movie app for fans of Veronica Roth's bestselling science fiction novel.

Here you will find information about the characters of the book, facts and news that you may or may not know.

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Abnegation Amity Candor Dauntless Erudite Tris Four Eric Jeanine
Lord of the Rings

Write your own story based on the classic story by J.R.R Tolkien.

Date Author * Town Title
26th Sep 2002Shadowfax1blahvilleTo ZOE! (dreamer( heh))
27th Sep 2002Dreamer1Blackpoolto Shadowfax
27th Sep 2002Shadowfax1blahvilleDreamer
30th Sep 2002Dreamer4BlackpoolKeeping the ring (chapter 8)
2nd Oct 2002gabrielle2newportlord of History
2nd Oct 2002Wormtongue3CheshireSauron's Death
6th Oct 2002Amanda3Gold CoastAmelia's mission
14th Oct 2002matt1maaaaaaaaaathe evil kills
15th Oct 2002kirti1singaporeLord of the Riddles
17th Oct 2002Joshua2MelourneThe Lord of The Rings
22nd Oct 2002Brittany2ElnoraThe Lord Of the Rings
24th Oct 2002Austin4Little RockLord of the Ring Episode 2: The Lord St
28th Oct 2002Evan4PerthEvil's defeat.
7th Nov 2002Melissa L.5TexasThe Special Edition Extended Prologue (u
7th Nov 2002Melissa L.4TexasExtended Prologue Part 2
8th Nov 2002Nikki2DorvalThe Fellowship - As kids!
9th Nov 2002Nikki3DorvalLord of the rings - as kids 2 : The new
15th Nov 2002Stefan4FguraDarkrider
19th Nov 2002PJ2MABilbo's Later Adventures: Gollum's Reven
21st Nov 2002Grant2LubbockThe Lord Strikes BAck
21st Nov 2002Grant2LubbockLORD HORD
21st Nov 2002DUSTIN1TexasLord of the rings
21st Nov 2002Paul3MABilbo's Later Adventures: The Ring
22nd Nov 2002PJ3MABilbo's Later Adventures: Sting Returns
24th Nov 2002StarLite_StarBrite (4NowheresvilleIsabella's Revenge-Chapter 1(A Lord of t
24th Nov 2002PJ3MABilbo's Later Adventures: A Visit to the
7th Dec 2002Wormtongue3CheshireThe Grave Misfortune - Prolougue
9th Dec 2002Wormtongue3CheshireThe Grave Misfortune - Chapter One-Pippi
22nd Dec 2002Legolas (Rachel)4PhoenixThe Golden Gates Of Gondor #2
22nd Dec 2002James1Phoenixlotr
29th Dec 2002Lucy4NorthamptonDepths Of Adventure-Chater1-Part 3
29th Dec 2002Seth1RaleighLord Of The Rings ( The Two Towers)
31st Dec 2002Smurfy3Mandurahthe Gollumy thing
2nd Jan 2003Jordan Blackert2Prohpetstown, IllThe Rise of Mordor
4th Jan 2003Blake4KemahThe Lord of the Rings:Fellowship:Part 1:
5th Jan 2003Superwriter1?????????HELP!
5th Jan 2003Daisy3SouthamptonThrough the dark depts of Mordor.
5th Jan 2003Blake2KemahLOTR:Fellowship:Part 2:The Shire
6th Jan 2003Nakul3North FerribyThe creation of the One Ring
7th Jan 2003Elizabeth2JohnstownLord of the Rings (The Two Towers)
11th Jan 2003Zach3IrvineRealms of the Rings
12th Jan 2003Zachary3IrvineThe Return of The King
12th Jan 2003Jermaine Austin1lansingThe lord of the rings:the fellowshipness
13th Jan 2003Zach4IrvineOrcs and how they became to be
13th Jan 2003Zach2IrvineFrom Grey to White/ GANDALF
17th Jan 2003Rachel5PhoenixThe Golden Gates of Gondor #3
18th Jan 2003B*B1SOME WHERE!!L*O*R*D O*F *T*H*E
19th Jan 2003Rachel4PhoenixThe Golden Gates of Gondor #4
21st Jan 2003Matt3KingsfordThe New Ring
22nd Jan 2003UWA (Unidentified wr3A little place in myThe true story