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This is our Divergent Book & Movie app for fans of Veronica Roth's bestselling science fiction novel.

Here you will find information about the characters of the book, facts and news that you may or may not know.

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Abnegation Amity Candor Dauntless Erudite Tris Four Eric Jeanine
The Mirror of Erised

The Mirror of Erised shows you the things you want the most. For Harry, it showed him his parents. If you looked into the Mirror of Erised, what would it show you - what is your hearts desire.

Date Author * Town Title
3rd Dec 2001runda3ralieghthe memorie
3rd Dec 2001Amber3Pelionwhere am i?
3rd Dec 2001Matthew3SacramentoMy Own Computer
3rd Dec 2001Dayna5DallasThe Mirror of Erised
5th Dec 2001Jason5NorwalkInto the Looking Glass
7th Dec 2001Kelly3OttawMy Deepest Desire Chattered
7th Dec 2001Rachel3NuesanMy.........
8th Dec 2001martha2londonwow! i coudldn't belive my eyes
11th Dec 2001Tessa2MiamiThe Mirror of the Erised
11th Dec 2001Amanda3Gold CoastIt all became REAL
12th Dec 2001Vicki4WichitaYou don't need money to have friends...
13th Dec 2001Sadie5Petrie, BrisbaneMy Eyes of Erised
15th Dec 2001halo3birminghamdeepest desire of my heart
18th Dec 2001~Heather~4Uniondale/Pleasent MThis is what I would see in the Mirror o
19th Dec 2001Megan4BromleyFamily hope
19th Dec 2001Miranda3Richardason, TexasMirror,mirror on the wall
19th Dec 2001Amanda3Gold CoastMore than One!
19th Dec 2001Amanda4Gold CoastMore than One!
20th Dec 2001Thomas3Mt. Zion, ILWhen I looked into the Mirror of Erised,
20th Dec 2001Nick3Mt.ZionWhen I looked into the Mirror of Erised.
25th Dec 2001Brian5WoodridgeMy Mirror of Erised
26th Dec 2001Vicki4WichitaMy dream...That never came true.
28th Dec 2001Nikki3BrisbaneIf I looked into the Mirror of Erised
28th Dec 2001Brandi2LebanonThe magical mirror
29th Dec 2001Brian3WoodridgeWhat does a mirror of erised do?
31st Dec 2001doug2blmgtnsmile
1st Jan 2002Katie2BrisbaneLooking into the Mirror
2nd Jan 2002Tamara3JakartaWhat my heart desires?
2nd Jan 2002Nikki4BrisbaneIf I looked into the mirror of Erised pt
3rd Jan 2002Farradila Intan4JakartaAs Harry Potter looked into the Mirror o
4th Jan 2002Jason5NorwalkCursed
5th Jan 2002Ashleigh3WilliamsportThe Surprise Gift
6th Jan 2002Rachel4Oconomowoc, WIThe Mirror
7th Jan 2002Rachel2Church Aston What Will You See
7th Jan 2002Natasha4BarrieThe Mirror of Erised
10th Jan 2002Jennylee3hialeahThe Mirror of Erised
10th Jan 2002Jennylee2hialeahThe Mirror of Erised Part 2
10th Jan 2002Caitlin2GoergetownMy one hearts desire
12th Jan 2002*~binny~*2????????????My true dream, hope
14th Jan 2002Andrea3San FranciscoMore than parents
15th Jan 2002Jodi3Florence SCMy Mirror Dream
15th Jan 2002jonathan2pasedenaharry sees his family
22nd Jan 2002LAUREN2michigan cityTHE HARRY POTTER MIRROR
22nd Jan 2002Jade3sant antoni.The philosipher Stone
27th Jan 2002Laura3BournemouthWhen I looked into the mirror of Erised
27th Jan 2002rachel2mdwhen I saw my mom...
31st Jan 2002Jeffrey Pinkham2Clark N.JI'd see........
3rd Feb 2002RENATE2TOKYOThe Mystery Gray Cat
5th Feb 2002Caroline2RomeG,AThe Image in the Mirror

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