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This is our Divergent Book & Movie app for fans of Veronica Roth's bestselling science fiction novel.

Here you will find information about the characters of the book, facts and news that you may or may not know.

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Abnegation Amity Candor Dauntless Erudite Tris Four Eric Jeanine
Author's Corner

Here you can communicate with other author's who have written stories on this site.
There is 1 Editor and 4 Assistant Editors - Lucy from Northampton, UK, Bri from Jackson, USA, Leanne from Canton USA and Jenny from Fords, USA - who may answer some of your questions on my behalf.

Date Author * Town Title
24th Nov 2001Amanda1Gold CoastDear Jason age 12 from Nerwalk usa
24th Nov 2001Editor1MelbourneTo all our Authors
25th Nov 2001Dayna1DallasAbout Myself
25th Nov 2001Dorothy1BrooklynI love to write stories
25th Nov 2001Cindy1SpringfieldA little something for all of you!
25th Nov 2001Justin1NorwichBack to you Amanda...
25th Nov 2001Amanda1Gold CoastBack to Jason
25th Nov 2001Amanda1Gold CoastAnd Jason
28th Nov 2001Nikki1BrisbaneMe
2nd Dec 2001Alexandra1McHenry,IllinoisThe Magic Book
3rd Dec 2001Natalie1New YorkHi Everyone!
3rd Dec 2001Katie1SacramentoMagazine
4th Dec 2001Justin1DetroitHi
5th Dec 2001Justin1DetroitHello Justin
5th Dec 2001Mandy1CalgaryHey everyone!
7th Dec 2001Katie1FregnasI'm confused?
8th Dec 2001J.C.1DetroitI am ONE of the Justin's
9th Dec 2001Anna1FarmingtonWow!
9th Dec 2001Anna1FarmingtonAndrew
10th Dec 2001Cindy1SpringfieldHey! J.C.
11th Dec 2001J.C.1DetroitReply to Cindy
11th Dec 2001J.C.1DetroitAnd if you need convincing...
11th Dec 2001J.C.1DetroitOne more reply to Cindy
11th Dec 2001Amanda1Gold CoastJ.C just thought i'd tell you
11th Dec 2001Amanda1Gold CoastBy the way J.C and Cindy!
11th Dec 2001Editor1MelbourneThe mystery of the 2 Justins - a message
12th Dec 2001J.C.1DetroitTo the Editor and Amanda
12th Dec 2001J.C.1DetroitOne more thing!!
12th Dec 2001Amanda1Gold CoastJustin, Justin Justin!
13th Dec 2001J.C.1DetroitJealous? Me? I have never been more insu
15th Dec 2001J.C.1DetroitA Wierdo Rap and Rock'n'Roll Righteouss
15th Dec 2001Andrea1San FranciscoHello!
15th Dec 2001Jacob1ChicagoOpen this!
15th Dec 2001Craig1SpringfieldHelp me!!
16th Dec 2001Cindy1SpringfieldYo! Amanda and J.C.!!!
16th Dec 2001Amanda1Gold CoastJ.C,J.C,J.C
18th Dec 2001J.C.1DetroitMy own little creation!! Editor, please
19th Dec 2001Jacob1San FrasciscoA biography!
20th Dec 2001allowishess(female)1Gold coastso right
21st Dec 2001J.C.1DetroitTo Allowishness(female)
21st Dec 2001John1East ProvidencePokemon Fans take a look here!
21st Dec 2001John1East ProvidenceGive a rating for Pokesiblings!
21st Dec 2001Amanda1Gold CoastDear allowishess(female), and J.C.
21st Dec 2001Nikki1Brisbaneto Amanda
23rd Dec 2001Cindy1SpringfieldAmanda and J.C.!!!
23rd Dec 2001John1East ProvidenceHello
23rd Dec 2001Cindy1SprinfieldJOHN
23rd Dec 2001J.C.1DetroitTo Amanda. And Cindy. And everybody who
23rd Dec 2001John1East ProvidenceHello (Again)
23rd Dec 2001Amanda1Gold CoastDear *Nikki*