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This is our Divergent Book & Movie app for fans of Veronica Roth's bestselling science fiction novel.

Here you will find information about the characters of the book, facts and news that you may or may not know.

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Abnegation Amity Candor Dauntless Erudite Tris Four Eric Jeanine

You are a player in an exciting Quidditch match. What position do you play, who are the houses and who are the other players. Write about what happens in the match.

Date Author * Town Title
30th Dec 2001Katie1BrisbaneQuidditch
5th Jan 2002Tanya2calgaryQuidditch
7th Jan 2002Rachel5Oconomowoc WIQuidditch
7th Jan 2002binny2??????Winning Quidditch cup, told by Hermione
9th Jan 2002HAnnah3MuncieWhen it all began
9th Jan 2002Digimon rule!2TjiipoetatGolden Snitch, its neat golden wings fla
14th Jan 2002jimmy1greenvilethe demontater
16th Jan 2002jonathan2houstonwatch out malfoy
20th Jan 2002Nikki4IrvineThe Great Win!
20th Jan 2002len1Toowoombaquidditch
1st Feb 2002HEMAANYA3kuala lumpurTHE GOLDEN SNITCH
4th Feb 2002Steven4DudleyQuidditch-The Game of Champions
5th Feb 2002Nikki3BrisbaneQuidditch twist
7th Feb 2002D4RoscoeNone
9th Feb 2002Nicola1Canberraquidditch
11th Feb 2002sHAUN4BristolHarry and the Quidditch match!Part 1
17th Feb 2002Jen2charlotownSeeker
23rd Feb 2002Anna2New castlethe quidditch match
27th Feb 2002Hannah4MuskegoThe Chasers!
5th Mar 2002Flame Head3HogsmeadGryffindor versus Slytherin(part one)
9th Mar 2002Akela3HugotonLOOK OUT HARRY!!!!!!!!!
9th Mar 2002Akela2HugotonWhat happened when Harry fell.
9th Mar 2002Jace5WestonThe Penalty Vol.1
10th Mar 2002Katie-Marie3TenerifeSparks of fire.
10th Mar 2002Akela3HugotonTwo weeks later
19th Mar 2002Jace4WestonThe Penalty Vol.2
19th Mar 2002Alex2Jindabyne???Harry the Bully?
24th Mar 2002Stacey3CampbelltownHarry Potter is in the Quidditch Game
29th Mar 2002Diana2RahwayNew girl
29th Mar 2002Larissa2NelsonThe Surprise
2nd Apr 2002Rachel2PheonixMalfoy gets a kick in the head!
2nd Apr 2002Becky4Arlingtona mistake
6th Apr 2002Chloe4Leighton BuzzardSurprised!
8th Apr 2002Benjamin5ElmontThe Quick Broom
14th Apr 2002Barney3FarragutYour Going Down Jackson
15th Apr 2002Zoe3BakersfeildHarrys best game yet!
16th Apr 2002jonathan4hartlepoolThe day of glory
17th Apr 2002selim1kolkatathe four hundred and twenty third quiddi
21st Apr 2002Dillon4pietermaritzburgYoung Quiditch world cup
23rd Apr 2002Nikki4BrisbaneCheerleaders
26th Apr 2002Chris2BramptonGRIFFINDOR v SLYTHREN
26th Apr 2002Chris3BramptonGRIFFINDOR v SLYTHERIN
26th Apr 2002Ria-Rose2edmontonGryffindor vs. Slytherin
27th Apr 2002samuel4bramptonGryffindor V Chudley Cannons
30th Apr 2002Kayla5TorontoOops!How embarrassing
2nd May 2002Diana2ElizabethThe new girl
3rd May 2002Russell4BradfordThe Greatest Quidditch Game on Earth
3rd May 2002Samuel1GisborneHarry Potter
4th May 2002Russell3BradfordThe Second Best Quidditch In The World
4th May 2002Russell4BradfordThe Third Best Quidditch Game In The Wor