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This is our Divergent Book & Movie app for fans of Veronica Roth's bestselling science fiction novel.

Here you will find information about the characters of the book, facts and news that you may or may not know.

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Abnegation Amity Candor Dauntless Erudite Tris Four Eric Jeanine

You are a player in an exciting Quidditch match. What position do you play, who are the houses and who are the other players. Write about what happens in the match.

Date Author * Town Title
19th Aug 2001Robert3SmithvilleThe match
19th Aug 2001Angel5Columbia,NCBeating in the rain
19th Aug 2001nina4brisbanehee hee we wonm
20th Aug 2001samantha5moose jawthe faires
21st Aug 2001Nikki3Brisbaneconfusing times
21st Aug 2001Nikki3Brisbaneconfusing times part 2
21st Aug 2001Nikki4Brisbaneconfusing times part three
22nd Aug 2001Nikki4BrisbaneGRYFFINDOR vs SLYTHERIN
23rd Aug 2001Nikki3BrisbaneGRYFFINDOR vs SLYTHERIN part 2
23rd Aug 2001Simon5BeckenhamThe Gryffindor Team Goes Professional
23rd Aug 2001Simon5BeckenhamThe Gryfindor Team Goes Professional: Pa
23rd Aug 2001Simon5BeckenhamThe Gryffindors Team Goes Professional:
25th Aug 2001Danny3BacupThe Quidditch World Cup
3rd Sep 2001sara2my townGoblet of Fire
6th Sep 2001John3East Prov.Eagles vrs. Jazz
6th Sep 2001John4East Prov.Eagles vrs. Jazz Part 2
8th Sep 2001jimin2GuryQuidditch is very interesting
15th Sep 2001Lori5Show LowThe Horrible Nightmare
17th Sep 2001Amber2DunnoQuidditch
20th Sep 2001Joe3Beaumont, ABHow a Bludger blew up my club
1st Oct 2001Ali-Girl1EnglandPlay the game...
1st Oct 2001Elivis5CairoGriffindor V Ravenclaw
1st Oct 2001Elivis5CairoGriffidor V Ravenclaw part 2
27th Oct 2001Dustin Borth2MicanopyQUIDDICH!
28th Oct 2001Nikki3BrisbaneThe mystical brooms
29th Oct 2001laura3PharrThree Cheers For Harry Potter
6th Nov 2001Heather AKA Ginny4UniondaleSoaring to Highest Hights- poem
7th Nov 2001sophie5CowbridgeA poem of Quidditch the wonderous game
7th Nov 2001Dalia5New RochelleMy First Quidditch Game
13th Nov 2001Josh3not tellin'My First Quidditch Match
15th Nov 2001me1aotodich
16th Nov 2001Ross Small3FARNBOROUGHThe day we won
19th Nov 2001Zogirl4San AntonioTHE MOST IMPORTANT THNG IN THE WORLD!!!
22nd Nov 2001Alyse4New OrleansHarry Potter wins the game!
24th Nov 2001jOSEPHINA2Puerto VarasIf I Were A Wizard
25th Nov 2001Chris3Somers PointMy First Quidditch Game
27th Nov 2001Jonathan2HartlepoolThe great quidditch race
28th Nov 2001Michael Sivak1Dale city. Rocking hHarry Potter And The New Kid At Quidditc
29th Nov 2001runda3ralieghquddich first prize!!!
29th Nov 2001Nicole T2MorristownHow we won the quidditch cup
29th Nov 2001Jason5NorwalkQuidditch Switch-As Told by Hermione
3rd Dec 2001martha3londonmy hardest ever quidditch game
13th Dec 2001Bryce Perles2BloomsburgQuidditch is my name-o
13th Dec 2001Colleen5RockvilleThe Qudditch Friends
14th Dec 2001christie3bradfordcheater
19th Dec 2001Cassie4HaverhillA Seeker's Tale
28th Dec 2001Jason4NorwalkNorbert Returns
29th Dec 2001Nikki3BrisbaneThe Quidditch world cup
30th Dec 2001arouje3the worst game ever

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