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This is our Divergent Book & Movie app for fans of Veronica Roth's bestselling science fiction novel.

Here you will find information about the characters of the book, facts and news that you may or may not know.

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Abnegation Amity Candor Dauntless Erudite Tris Four Eric Jeanine
Harry Potter's Best Friend

You are Harry Potter's best friend. Write about the adventures you get up to at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!

Date Author * Town Title
21st May 2001Taryn5MiddleportIf I saw Harry Potter When I Walked To S
20th Jul 2001Nikki4BrisbaneToday is my birthday
10th Aug 2001Nikki5BrisbaneHarry's New Friend
16th Aug 2001Elmira3apartament 406Harry Potter
30th Oct 2001Dalia4New RochelleHarry's New Friend
16th Nov 2001Shauna2St.LouisI'm friends with Harry Potter
21st Nov 2001crystal2copper coveHarry potter
24th Nov 2001Bea2greensborothe first time we met
24th Nov 2001jOSEPHINA3Puerto VarasMe and Harry
24th Nov 2001Josephina3Puerto VarasMe and Harry : Part 2
24th Nov 2001Josephina4Puerto VarasMe and Harry : Part 3
24th Nov 2001Josephina3Puerto VarasMe and Harry: Part 4
24th Nov 2001Josephina4Puerto VarasMe and Harry : Part 5
24th Nov 2001Josephina4Puerto VarasMe and Harry: Part 5
26th Nov 2001vanessa2margatei want to meet harry
26th Nov 2001jana2marylandHARRY POTTER MOVIE...
1st Dec 2001Star Night3New York,New YorkHogwarts Adventures
18th Dec 2001Lauren3ZebulonBest friends
25th Dec 2001Jason4NorwalkReincarnations
2nd Jan 2002twyla3henryThe secret is told part #1
2nd Jan 2002Twyla3henryMeet my friends part #2
2nd Jan 2002twyla3henryThe stop part #3
2nd Jan 2002Twyla4henryThe view #2
2nd Jan 2002Twyla2henryThe sorting ritcual #4
5th Jan 2002Kasandra3HenriettaHarry Potter #1
6th Jan 2002Eve Wilkinson3HamrunI wish......
12th Jan 2002Kim1sydenyThe bogie moster
13th Jan 2002Hannah3muncieTo Vanessa Magate
13th Jan 2002Hannah3MuncieTo Vennesa ,Magate I forgot 3 things
13th Jan 2002Hannah3Muncie Read Vanesa
13th Jan 2002Jen3IndianaEve Wilkinse
13th Jan 2002Jen3IndianaEve Wilkenes
13th Jan 2002Hannah3IndianaHarry ,Hermonie,Ron,And Me Friends forev
13th Jan 2002Hannna3IndianaI wish.........
24th Jan 2002ryan1cannockYo its Potters best friend
29th Jan 2002ash1newyorkharry potter
29th Jan 2002hmm...1Tokyowhat did you say??
2nd Feb 2002Tui2MangateretereMiss
4th Feb 2002yamna1islamabadmy best friend
7th Feb 2002Judy1DelhiI LUV HARRY POTTER!
10th Feb 2002Thuy3CaliforniaMy Friend Harry, Please Save Me
11th Feb 2002luke2northamptonthat special freind
16th Feb 2002ash1kulampurmeme
17th Feb 2002hugh2cairoWho?
17th Feb 2002Hugh2CairoI came back!
23rd Feb are...hamaeer
2nd Mar 2002Amanda4Gold CoastMalfoy's entry of Harry!
4th Mar 2002Hannah3IndianaMy dream

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