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This is our Divergent Book & Movie app for fans of Veronica Roth's bestselling science fiction novel.

Here you will find information about the characters of the book, facts and news that you may or may not know.

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Abnegation Amity Candor Dauntless Erudite Tris Four Eric Jeanine
Invent a Spell

From Expelliarmus to Obliviate, Stupefy to Ennervate, there are many spells that young wizards and witches need to learn. Invent your own spell - what is it's name and what does it make happen!

Date Author * Town Title
15th Jul 2001Nikki4BrisbaneMy new spell
17th Jul 2001Katie5FolsomThe Incredible Food Spell
20th Jul 2001Lucy4NorthamptonThe girl's spell for getting a boyfriend
21st Jul 2001enrique3guadalajaraunforgivable curses
21st Jul 2001melissa2campbelltownthe day we learnt to dissaper part 1
22nd Jul 2001Lucy3NorthamptonSpell for perfect test results
23rd Jul 2001Katherine4 OttawaDog or Cat???
24th Jul 2001Amanda3Gold coastBest friend
26th Jul 2001Bex3NorfolkChubbawoob
30th Jul 2001siobhan1Stourport - On - Sevinvisible and ability to fly
3rd Aug 2001Catherine1AthensThe Invisibility Spell
4th Aug 2001Clarissa3SydneyThe Potion to make you laugh
15th Aug 2001andrew3greenvillealatamatuswartamusmaximus
16th Aug 2001stephanie Holton3CoulunbiaSticky Smelly Shoes
17th Aug 2001Abbey5privateA dream date
20th Aug 2001Chris3MPYushi Botta
22nd Aug 2001Priya3ManchsterSuperduper sister trasfomer
23rd Aug 2001Jim3BeckenhamThe Curatus Charm
1st Sep 2001Amanda5OntarioThe Fancy Clothes Spell
5th Sep 2001Edel Egan3PrivateThe boy who nearly stoped Christmas
8th Sep 2001Perry2ColumbiaHow to get a girlfriend
8th Sep 2001Angel4Columbia, NCFlying fluries
8th Sep 2001Brett1WorongyMelf's Acid Arrow
10th Sep 2001Karen5Modesto The STAR INCANTATION
11th Sep 2001Amy Curran2YeppoonWang Charm
17th Sep 2001Andrew2Gallup, New Mexicomanafestus
18th Sep 2001lilith2aucklandbug off spell!
21st Sep 2001Robert3RidgecrestDragon Bond
23rd Sep 2001Alexis3South MiamiThe Appearing/Disappearing spell
24th Sep 2001Andrew2Gamerco New Mexico curcaictus kedavra
27th Sep 2001Niamh2BelfastFearsa Clubo
28th Sep 2001katie2Vancouverspell of magic milk shakes
4th Oct 2001Ashlee3CrystalHow to get a boyfriend
6th Oct 2001Natalie & Sofaya3IPSWICH the premershHow to be a actress***
12th Oct 2001Natalie Page5Ipswich SuffolkThe teacher eaters!!!!!!
12th Oct 2001samantha scott2salixhow to know a boy lik
13th Oct 2001David2BrasovSpell story
13th Oct 2001Shalina2AucklandHocus Pocus Abadocus
15th Oct 2001katie2GretnaToesalius Froggses
17th Oct 2001Joshua5Cozad,NebraskaHow to turn a bully into a class clown
22nd Oct 2001Ariana3BirminghamHyperus!
22nd Oct 2001Ariana3BirminghamEmmito
23rd Oct 2001Jessica4DuluthPick the flu if you chose.
23rd Oct 2001Charles4LakevilleI can't see!
23rd Oct 2001Charles3LakevilleHow to go to heaven
24th Oct 2001Sarb3KNXHow to con a teachers
30th Oct 2001Marisa4TexasMarisa's Potion-I fly
30th Oct 2001samantha3MelbourneBe a kiity cat for a day
31st Oct 2001Dalia3New RochelleMy Own Spell
4th Nov 2001Thomas4PortlandNuther place Nuther time

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