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This is our Divergent Book & Movie app for fans of Veronica Roth's bestselling science fiction novel.

Here you will find information about the characters of the book, facts and news that you may or may not know.

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The day Voldemort killed the Potters

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Imagine you are a journalist and write the headline and front page story the day You-know-who killed the Potters.

Date Author * Town Title
18th Jul 2001Nikki5BrisbaneThe Day Voldemort killed the Potters
20th Jul 2001Cherry2MarkhamThe Day You Know Who Dissapeared
3rd Aug 2001Mahalia3San DiegoMy Time:the tale of the potter angels
11th Aug 2001Clarissa2SydneyThe Night Lily and James Died
14th Aug 2001Kevin3HansonI Saw the Potters Die
1st Sep 2001Ambreena5CalgaryThat Fateful Day
11th Sep 2001spud2hogsvilleAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
23rd Sep 2001aimee3nzdon`t touch Harry
29th Sep 2001Kirsty3ManchesterI saw You Know Who!
1st Oct 2001Rheiana4SudneyTHE SCREAMS!!
1st Oct 2001Thomas4Hong KongThe day that I saw you know who!
14th Oct 2001Heather3UniondaleThat Day I Saw The Screams
15th Oct 2001katie3zxcjjdjjfjfvoldemort (*a really mean wizard*)
19th Oct 2001Hannah5LlantrisantI'm the Girl who lived
20th Oct 2001Hannah3LlantrisantI'm the Girl who lived part 2
22nd Oct 2001Hannah5LlantrisantI'm the Girl who lived
29th Oct 2001Dalia4New RochelleThe Day You-Know-Who Killed the Potters
2nd Nov 2001Lindsay3westbankThe Day I Saw........
4th Nov 2001Thomas3PortlandWas it a Good or Bad day
8th Nov 2001Hannah5New Rochellewhen i saw them
9th Nov 2001Jason5NorwalkI know...
10th Nov 2001caitlin2edmontonmurder
12th Nov 2001Kelly4MahopacBOY IS STRONGER THAN YOU KNOW WHO!
17th Nov 2001Richelle5MississaugaIt started off as anyday until that nigh
18th Nov 2001Haley5NorthvilleHow it all happened
18th Nov 2001Johnny4Bellevue,NebraskaYOU-KNOW-WHO KILLED THE POTTERS.....WELL
22nd Nov 2001Im not telling4OwingsMillsyou know who, the night he met hi maker
23rd Nov 2001Richard3HaroTHE HORRID DAY
24th Nov 2001Josephina3Puerto VarasPoor Harry
24th Nov 2001Nicole5North SyracuseYou-know-who..........................
25th Nov 2001Brandon4Honeoye FallsVoldemort's Downfall
26th Nov 2001moh'd3abou-dhabiharry's sad day
1st Dec 2001Tom Rittle 23Little HangletonPotters Death
4th Dec 2001Simon4CanberraHow it Came to Be.......................
8th Dec 2001CHARLEY4Brisbane{{}} HE IS STILL ROMING IN THE DARK{{}}
15th Dec 2001Samuel5BundibergHe's back
15th Dec 2001Brett Hughey3Shirley MAThe Dark Days End
16th Dec 2001Lauren5ZebulonA Horible Night
18th Dec 2001malabika3asansollittle harry destroys THE DARK
20th Dec 2001hermione4asansolTHE DARK LORD DIES.
22nd Dec 2001Brandon3Honeoye Falls NyIs he... dead?
29th Dec 2001Jason4NorwalkFloating
1st Jan 2002Brandon3Honeoye Falls NyA new Dawn
1st Jan 2002Katie4BrisbaneHarry's Parent's are Gone Forever
1st Jan 2002Tom Riddle3Dark Lord will not tThe night I killed the Potters
4th Jan 2002Fiona5TrowbridgeThe day everything changed
5th Jan 2002Cloe4KopengerTo my son
12th Jan 2002Destinee4San AntonioThe day You-Know-who killed Mrs. & Mr.Po
14th Jan 2002jimmy1greenvilethe day
18th Jan 2002Hannah4IndianaThe day everything was changed

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