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This is our Divergent Book & Movie app for fans of Veronica Roth's bestselling science fiction novel.

Here you will find information about the characters of the book, facts and news that you may or may not know.

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Abnegation Amity Candor Dauntless Erudite Tris Four Eric Jeanine
First Day at Hogwarts

It's your first day at Hogwarts Wizard School. Describe the things you see, the people you meet. How do you feel and who do you make friends with.

Date Author * Town Title
10th Feb 2004Elise0Sun PrairieWhoa, its Hogwarts...
10th Feb 2004lindsey0detroitmalfoy
11th Feb 2004Eric0Sun PrairieMy first day at hogwarts
16th Feb 2004Philip0Grosse Pointe FarmsMy First Day at Hogwarts! Part One
16th Feb 2004Julia Chang0Hong KongMeet The Whole Gang
18th Feb 2004Kiesha0Vancover b,cmeeeting harry potter
23rd Feb 2004Chloe0LeicesterMy first day at Hogwarts
28th Feb 2004jessica0thnder bayharrys unown sister(and my first day at
2nd Mar 2004jessica2Thunder bayharrys unown sister(and my first day at
3rd Mar 2004Hannah0WiganMy first day at Hogwarts
3rd Mar 2004Rachel D.0Southaven, MississipTo: Everyone about 'New Girl Transfer St
4th Mar 2004jessica2thunder bayharrys unown sister(and my first day at
5th Mar 2004Amanda0St.LouisMy first day at hogwarts
5th Mar 2004nicolas0st.louseThe death of ron
8th Mar 2004Jessica2Thunder Bayharrys unown sister(and my first day at
12th Mar 2004Amanda0St.LouisWow!
12th Mar 2004Jessica3thunder bayharrys unown sister(and my first day at
14th Mar 2004Julia0?The Loner Part 1
14th Mar 2004Julia0?The Loner part 2
15th Mar 2004Julia0?The Loner part 3
15th Mar 2004Ishita3KolkataThe sorting(First Day at Hogwarts)
15th Mar 2004Joshua0San DiegoFirst Day At Hogwarts
15th Mar 2004Jessica2thunder bayharrys unown sister(and my first day at
16th Mar 2004kaylaa0San DeigoMy first day at Hogwarts
17th Mar 2004paula0st.louiste weird item
19th Mar 2004Julia0?The Loner Part 4
20th Mar 2004Sheyenne0Grand RidgeThe Sorting hat (My first day at Hogwart
24th Mar 2004Jacob0LexingtonWow man cool The Hog Of the Warts
25th Mar 2004Jessica2thunder bayharrys unown sister(and my first day at
30th Mar 2004jessica2thunder bayharrys unown sister(and my first day at
31st Mar 2004Jesodal0Jersey C.I.Draco's Girlfriend
2nd Apr 2004Alivia0CoopersburgMy Fisrt Arrival
5th Apr 2004Francis0CarrickmacrossMistake on the first day
5th Apr 2004kristi0new mexicoThe first time i meet ron
6th Apr 2004Kaitlyn0OceansideMy First Day At Hogwarts
30th Apr 2004ben/alex0inglewoodfirst day
5th May 2004Debjani4KolkataStraight From My Journal.
8th May 2004Tracey Yeung4SydneyMy First day at Hogwarts
15th May 2004Katie Moss3londonMy first day at Hogwarts
17th May 2004EmilyPotter4???????????The Worst Day
27th May 2004Jessica Noyce5GravesendThis is where the magic begins! (Journey
30th May 2004Ivy5MarshallMy Story - Ivy Star's Life
1st Jun 2004Kristin2PhoenixMy First Day Of Hogwarts
12th Jun 2004Ishita4KolkataFirst day at Hogwarts and my parents kil
16th Jun 2004Jessica1thunder bayJessica Noyce
30th Jun 2004Marissa Albright5TremontonThe Letter
2nd Jul 2004Jessica Noyce4GravesendThe Hogwarts Sorting (Carried on from 'T
10th Jul 2004RupertGrintsGirl3PlaceMy Troublesome Day
13th Jul 2004Katiebug5FolsomBelieving (Part 1)
28th Jul 2004Lizzie3MadisonvilleMy First Day