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This is our Divergent Book & Movie app for fans of Veronica Roth's bestselling science fiction novel.

Here you will find information about the characters of the book, facts and news that you may or may not know.

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Abnegation Amity Candor Dauntless Erudite Tris Four Eric Jeanine
First Day at Hogwarts

It's your first day at Hogwarts Wizard School. Describe the things you see, the people you meet. How do you feel and who do you make friends with.

Date Author * Town Title
8th Dec 2002Martha1londonI MADE FRIENDS WITH HERMIONE!
15th Dec 2002Amanda3Gold CoastLittle do i know?
16th Dec 2002Hannah1CharelstonMy first year at Hogwarts...............
18th Dec 2002Amanda3Gold CoastLitte do i know? Chapter .2
21st Dec 2002Teresa3GeelongMy Fist Day At Hogwarts
27th Dec 2002Amanda4Gold CoastLittle do i know?.Chapter 3!
6th Jan 2003Cutie3ManchesterMy First Day At Hogwarts
9th Jan 2003Imogen Daily2DevonMy 1st Day at Hogwarts
10th Jan 2003Madison Rose Griffit3CranbourneA week at Hogwarts( My friends and I )
16th Jan 2003Jordan5LancasterMy First Day At Hogwarts
18th Jan 2003Cho Chang3AlamoMy First Day- A HOGWARTS poem
19th Jan 2003Rachel2PhoenixHogwarts As I See It Part 9
20th Jan 2003Kayle4otherMy days at hogwarts:Almost late.
20th Jan 2003Kayle3otherMy days at hogwarts:Getting Sorted
20th Jan 2003Kayle2otherMy days at Hogwarts:Trouble For Four.
24th Jan 2003Rachel2PhoenixHogwarts as I see It Part 10
25th Jan 2003Stephanie2RudolphFirst Day, Bad Day
27th Jan 2003Ryan3CincinnatiHogwarts:Day One
1st Feb 2003Martha2Londenmy first day at Hogwarts n1
11th Feb 2003Miya4North LanchesterMy first day at hogwarts:Chapter one:Hid
11th Feb 2003Miya5North LanchesterHogwarts a strange discovery
15th Feb 2003Miya4North LanchesterChapter 3:My first day of Classes
16th Feb 2003Christina5AbileneQuests at Hogwarts
16th Feb 2003Christina5AbileneQuests at Hogwarts 2
17th Feb 2003Christina5AbileneQuests at Hogwarts 3
17th Feb 2003Christina3AbileneQuests at Hogwarts 4
1st Mar 2003Kendra4???Butterflys
2nd Mar 2003Matthew3NewtonMy first day
5th Mar 2003leah2clakstonmy frist day at hogwarts
8th Mar 2003Meg4North AuroraFirst Chronicles of Hogwarts
8th Mar 2003Kendra4???Did I Make a Mistake??? (Butterflies 2)
8th Mar 2003Kendra4???Did I Make a Mistake??? (Butterflies 2
8th Mar 2003Kennie (aka Kendra)3???Did I Make a Mistake??? (butterfies 2 c
12th Mar 2003Meg5North AuroraSecond Chronicles of Hogwarts
14th Mar 2003Daphney5NorwalkMy first day
15th Mar 2003Matthew3NewtonMy first and worst day at Hogwarts.
19th Mar 2003Lohita4mumbaiMy first day at Hogwarts-poem
22nd Mar 2003Jodie Donnelly1WolverhamptonMy First Day At Hogwarts
23rd Mar 2003Cricket5FulhamChapter One: The Trip(part one)
23rd Mar 2003Cricket3FulhamChapter One: The Trip(part Two)
23rd Mar 2003cricket5FulhamChapter One: The Trip (part Three)
23rd Mar 2003Cricket5FulhamChapter One:The Trip (part one)
28th Mar 2003Phobia5--------------------Hogwarts - Chapter One
28th Mar 2003Phobia4--------------------Hogwarts - Chapter Two
28th Mar 2003Phobia5--------------------Hogwarts - Chapter Three
28th Mar 2003Phobia5--------------------Hogwarts - Chapter Three
30th Mar 2003Matthew4NewtonPoem of Hogwarts.
3rd Apr 2003Chloe Palmer2leicesterim hermiones friend also harrys and rons
9th Apr 2003Jessica2?????My first day at Hogwarts: the Best Dat o