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This is our Divergent Book & Movie app for fans of Veronica Roth's bestselling science fiction novel.

Here you will find information about the characters of the book, facts and news that you may or may not know.

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Abnegation Amity Candor Dauntless Erudite Tris Four Eric Jeanine
First Day at Hogwarts

It's your first day at Hogwarts Wizard School. Describe the things you see, the people you meet. How do you feel and who do you make friends with.

Date Author * Town Title
1st Jun 2002Rachel2PhoenixHogwarts(part 3)
3rd Jun 2002Lauren3RockinghamOn the way to hogwarts
8th Jun 2002Cassie4gerrardstownMy first day
11th Jun 2002alana2lake worthmy first time to hogwarts
13th Jun 2002Camilla3San JoseMy Magical Day
16th Jun 2002Brooke2SomewhereThe sorting hat
21st Jun 2002Hazel3AucklandThe difficult situation
22nd Jun 2002Hazel5AucklandMy magical life
29th Jun 2002alison2leedsenchanting adventure
6th Jul 2002rissa2etnahat sorting
13th Jul 2002Courtney B2WarrenHarry's First Romance
16th Jul 2002Jodi Kramer5Lavender CreekMy First Night At Hogwarts
20th Jul 2002Daria2Walvis -BayMISTERY GIRL!
20th Jul 2002Daria2Walvis BayIt Is My First Year!Part 1
21st Jul 2002Shannon3JeffersonMy very first day at hogwarts
22nd Jul 2002Courtney Bulger2WarrenMy First Month At School ( part 2 )
26th Jul 2002Tony2renothe story of harry potter
5th Aug 2002samuel4bramptonpart 4: The Rivalry Fight
6th Aug 2002Ashley1HarringtonHogwarts
16th Aug 2002Chika3JakartaIf I school in Hogwarts I.......
16th Aug 2002Chika2JakartaIf I'm a witch and my school is Hogwarts
1st Sep 2002Lauren2FrederictonMy First Day at Hogwarts
4th Sep 2002Sassy2-My first day of Hogwarts...
20th Sep 2002Emily ; )4StockbridgeSo this is what happened................
20th Sep 2002Emily4StockbridgeSo this is what happened.......(Part two
20th Sep 2002Emily ; )4StockbridgeSo This Is What Happened.......(Part Thr
21st Sep 2002Emily4StockbridgeSo this is what happened........(Part Fo
21st Sep 2002Emily ; )4StockbridgeSo this is what happened......(The final
29th Sep 2002Brandon3Honeoye FallsThe first day.
2nd Oct 2002Angel2Sanfrancisco Urans THarry gets nailed
9th Oct 2002Amanda2Gold CoastHarry potter adventures.
12th Oct 2002hermiony2hamiltonmy first day at hogwarts
12th Oct 2002Kieran3leedsmy first day@Hogwarts part 4
15th Oct 2002Ashley4MississaugaThe Adventure and King Court Train Stati
17th Oct 2002Amy2Brisbounefirst day
21st Oct 2002Amanda4Gold CoastHogwarts.Chapter.1-I Wish
21st Oct 2002Amanda4Gold CoastHogwarts.part 2 chapter.1-I Wish
26th Oct 2002Hailey4SomewhereHaileys first day at Hogwarts
31st Oct 2002chloe2leicestermy first day at hogwarts
4th Nov 2002Jason5NorwalkSecond Thoughts
5th Nov 2002Hannah1JohnstownBUAHAHAHA meh first day
7th Nov 2002Haley4NorfolkMy first day at Hogwarts
17th Nov 2002Rachel4PhoenixHogwarts as I see it.Part 1
17th Nov 2002Rachel3PhoenixHogwarts as I see it Part 2
18th Nov 2002Rachel4PhoenixHogwarts As I See It Part 3
20th Nov 2002Rachel4PhoenixHogwarts as I See it Part 4
27th Nov 2002Rachel3PhoenixHogwarts As I see it Part 4
28th Nov 2002Rachel2PhoenixHogwarts As I See It Part 6
28th Nov 2002Rachel3PhoenixHogwarts As I See It Part 7
28th Nov 2002Rachel2PhoenixHogwarts As I See It Part 9 or 8 I think