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This is our Divergent Book & Movie app for fans of Veronica Roth's bestselling science fiction novel.

Here you will find information about the characters of the book, facts and news that you may or may not know.

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Abnegation Amity Candor Dauntless Erudite Tris Four Eric Jeanine
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Date Author * Town Title
21st Apr 2001Danielle5DeSotoThe Fly and the Boy
25th Apr 2001Elizabeth3BroadmeadowsThe Girl That Had No Friends!*
25th Apr 2001chris4Bernvillethe wolf that lost it's nose
27th Apr 2001Thunder3Richfield SpringsThe Invisible Town
28th Apr 2001Erin Norris5Bayside NYThe Powerpuff Girls Go To Mars
28th Apr 2001Amanda Humphey1Pine Knot Ky.Santa comes for Thanksgiving
30th Apr 2001Lauren5NorthamptonThe Caves-pt 13
30th Apr 2001Lauren5NorthamptonThe Caves-pt 14
30th Apr 2001Deanna5DeSotoTime
1st May 2001Deanna4DeSotoDon't Know
2nd May 2001Justin5DetroitStar Fighters Part One- The Duel
3rd May 2001Lauren5NorthamptonThe Caves-Epilogue
6th May 2001Melissa3campbelltownfreeing billy
6th May 2001Lauren5NorthamptonThe missing woman-pt 1
7th May 2001darin5mohawkthe skate boreder
7th May 2001Lauren5NorthamptonThe missing woman-pt 2.
7th May 2001Stephanie3MonctonStephanie Meets Winnie the Pooh
7th May 2001Preston4MonctonPreston Wins International Dirt Bike Rac
7th May 2001Matthew4MonctonMatthew Becomes Professional Skateboarde
7th May 2001Janey Mass3ottawa7 th grade loser!
7th May 2001Leanna4PuyallupMachiko can not swim
8th May 2001Leanna5PuyallupThe princess
8th May 2001Justin5DetroitStar Fighters Part Two: First Mission
8th May 2001Amber3cranbrookSTORMY NIGHT
9th May 2001Edmund4PapakuraThe Bobcat Outside my Window
9th May 2001Sam4KarakaThe Bobcat outside my window
9th May 2001Bradley5ManurewaJelly Monster
9th May 2001Elliott5AucklandJabberwocky
9th May 2001casey/Claudia2papakua/pukekohebobcat outside my window
9th May 2001Faren4AucklandPlane Trouble
10th May 2001Leanna5PuyallupThe two friends
11th May 2001Amber5HowickCandid Camp
11th May 2001Lauren4NorthamptonThe missing woman- pt 3
12th May 2001Lauren4NorthamptonThe missing woman-pt 4
14th May 2001chris2Bernvillemy dream of the cats
14th May 2001Lalaine4Grand BlancMy dog
14th May 2001Lauren3NorthamptonThe Missing woman-pt 5
15th May 2001Stacy2MonctonStacy Joins Singing Group
15th May 2001Yekaterina3HallandaleGiggles
15th May 2001Rachey3none of your bunnishThe witch
17th May 2001Lauren4NorthamptonThe Missing woman-pt 6
19th May 2001Jessi4AthensEden's trouble
19th May 2001Alissa5New YorkButterflies Poem
20th May 2001Yesenia3DONT KNOWSTORY
20th May 2001Rizza5slo*Drugs Abuse Resistant Education essay*
20th May 2001Ashley2somewhereSadness
20th May 2001Shelly2nowhere interestingWhy
21st May 2001angelica3cabramattaThe jellyfish and the crab
21st May 2001Lauren4NorthamptonThe planet.