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This is our Divergent Book & Movie app for fans of Veronica Roth's bestselling science fiction novel.

Here you will find information about the characters of the book, facts and news that you may or may not know.

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Abnegation Amity Candor Dauntless Erudite Tris Four Eric Jeanine
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Date Author * Town Title
31st Mar 2001Daniel4Northampton.BRIAN JENKINS IN MAGICAL ADVENTURE! Part
31st Mar 2001Daniel5Northampton.BRIAN JENKINS IN MAGICAL ADVENTURE! Part
31st Mar 2001Vairi4StowThe Fairy Queens Spell : Part 2
1st Apr 2001Daniel3Northampton.BRIAN JENKINS IN MAGICAL ADVENTURE! Part
1st Apr 2001Karina4San FranciscoThe Rose
2nd Apr 2001Lauren5NorthamptonThe Caves-pt3
2nd Apr 2001Lauren4NorthamptonFace your fear-pt 2
2nd Apr 2001Lizzy5OlneyIf
4th Apr 2001Lauren5NorthamptonThe caves-pt 3
5th Apr 2001Kyle4Escondido, CaliforniAround the World in 5 days. Part 3.
5th Apr 2001Kyle4EscondidoAround the World in five days. Part 4
6th Apr 2001Eliza2RockinghamShe was left alone...
6th Apr 2001Andi3RockinghamMy Mistake Continued...
6th Apr 2001Bronwyn4RockinghamMy Unperfect Weekend part three
6th Apr 2001Elijah2Brouleewhen the cows fly
6th Apr 2001Reita5PlanoAquamarine
6th Apr 2001Karina3San FranciscoThe Rose: Part 2
7th Apr 2001Lauren5NorthamptonThe caves-pt 5 (I called pt 4 pt 3. Soz.
7th Apr 2001Kyle5EscondidoAround the World in five days. Part 5
7th Apr 2001Kyle Cruse5Escondido, CAAround the World in 5 days. Part 6
7th Apr 2001Lauren5NorthamptonThe caves-pt 6
7th Apr 2001Tara St. Michel5ReginaThe Animal Race
8th Apr 2001Tierney3CantonThe big blue house
8th Apr 2001Lauren5NorthamptonThe Caves-pt 7
10th Apr 2001Lauren5NorthamptonThe caves-pt 8
10th Apr 2001Erin3LanarkGreat times
12th Apr 2001Parker5Grand RapidsFlutter found eggs
12th Apr 2001Lauren5NorthamptonThe Caves-pt 9
12th Apr 2001amber2Cranbrookwalking the miles as some boots
12th Apr 2001Meagon Davis5BrownsburgSkandranon
12th Apr 2001Rizza5San Luis ObispoTo Catch a Bird In Flight
13th Apr 2001Kenneth4BillericaThe Guardian Angel
13th Apr 2001Katherine5NepeanLove
13th Apr 2001Danielle1LanzThe Easter Bunny How Sleeped In
14th Apr 2001Lauren5NorthamptonThe Caves-pt 10
14th Apr 2001hywel3caernarfonjames and george
15th Apr 2001Daniel5Northampton.The life of Tony Cluster. Part one
15th Apr 2001Ryan3Mechanicsville, VADinomaniac
16th Apr 2001Daniel5Northampton.The life of Tony Cluster. Part two
16th Apr 2001Lauren5NorthamptonThe Caves-pt 11
16th Apr 2001Lauren5NorthamptonThe Caves-pt 12
16th Apr 2001Meagon4BrownsburgSkandranon chapter 2
16th Apr 2001Meagon3BrownsburgSkandranon chap. 3
17th Apr 2001Steven4Sweet ValleyCharles The Librarian
18th Apr 2001Amanda3gold coastEnglish girl chapter.1
19th Apr 2001David4OrlandoThe Story of Kyle Durdan Chapter 1
20th Apr 2001mollysue1skidrowmy scary dream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
20th Apr 2001Tiannia3DumbroThe House
20th Apr 2001Michelle3AmherstThe Escaping Act of Buddy!
21st Apr 2001Ji Lian5Burwood EastMy trip