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This is our Divergent Book & Movie app for fans of Veronica Roth's bestselling science fiction novel.

Here you will find information about the characters of the book, facts and news that you may or may not know.

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Abnegation Amity Candor Dauntless Erudite Tris Four Eric Jeanine
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So many things to write about - so little time. Let your imagination run wild and share your story with other kids from all over the world.

Date Author * Town Title
9th Aug 2000David Goodin5MorgantownHarmonic Coexistence
14th Aug 2000Daniel5Cincinnati, OHMy Garden:
14th Aug 2000Tangela5Bangalore"On a full moon night , I was walking
20th Aug 2000Sine3CanberaPig Story
20th Aug 2000Dex5"The Ultimate Quest"
20th Aug 2000Dex5"The Ultimate Quest"
20th Aug 2000Dex5"The Ultimate Quest"
22nd Aug 2000Conor4AucklandConor's Adventure
23rd Aug 2000Salme2FahaheelBest friends
23rd Aug 2000Richard5MelbourneThe Teddy Bear
24th Aug 2000Cele4The Precious Stones
28th Aug 2000Evelyn2CorsicanaMy New School
29th Aug 2000Lexie5BrunswickNo Title
3rd Sep 2000mitu2bangalorekiddies
4th Sep 2000Jessica3FaribaultThe Tenchi Muyo! warp zone part 1
5th Sep 2000Jessica3FaribaultA cute new little friend / Tenchi Muyo!
11th Sep 2000Kailah ng5rydeThe Fairy and the monster
16th Sep 2000Tom4AdelaideTongue Twisters
17th Sep 2000Brooke4CandoThe Stray Puppy
20th Sep 2000Rayia4amamrilloWhen I Was A Girl
28th Sep 2000Amanda3The Craziest Night
28th Sep 2000Andrea4The Ghost Outside of my Tent
28th Sep 2000Mandy3That Crazy Night
28th Sep 2000Cody5The Monster Wolf
28th Sep 2000David4The Weird Noise
28th Sep 2000Chris4I Went Camping
5th Oct 2000Youkalanious5Port of SpainMy deal with The Girl
7th Oct 2000Natasha3cupertinowhy lions are so courageous
9th Oct 2000Smallsoilder2madisonvilleThe Shopping Spree
10th Oct 2000shani1Adelaidethe halloween party
11th Oct 2000Lakeda,Aris2OakVilleKeda's Famous Chicken!!!!1
12th Oct 2000Sasha Wilson2Barrington PassageForest Ridge Academy
12th Oct 2000travis2me
14th Oct 2000Ads4CrondallKiller Tree Frogs
14th Oct 2000Sine3CabbrraMy Family
14th Oct 2000Tiffy3-The attack of the fire fairies
19th Oct 2000Oana4LaurelFriendlymon: The Legend Begins
20th Oct 2000Oana3LaurelThe Day My Aunt Came To Visit
21st Oct 2000jackie2fireworks
22nd Oct 2000becky-boo3readingA Journey to Neptune
23rd Oct 2000Isabella &Arrianna2Wenatchee, Wamoving
24th Oct 2000Cory2BellevilleMr. Pencil
24th Oct 2000Elle2BellevilleA Pencil
24th Oct 2000Kyle2BellevilleI am a Sailor
24th Oct 2000Ann3BellevilleI am a pencil
24th Oct 2000Ann4BellevilleNo Title
24th Oct 2000Katie2BellevilleNo Title
24th Oct 2000Katie2BellevilleMy Life as a Pencil
24th Oct 2000Annemarie2BellevilleNo Title
24th Oct 2000Shawn1BellevilleNo Title