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This is our Divergent Book & Movie app for fans of Veronica Roth's bestselling science fiction novel.

Here you will find information about the characters of the book, facts and news that you may or may not know.

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Abnegation Amity Candor Dauntless Erudite Tris Four Eric Jeanine
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Date Author * Town Title
9th Jun 2006frosta591YorkvilleTo Goldenwolf
13th Jun 2006Emily5DetroitWhen Heaven is Hell
17th Jun 2006Atlanta Rydzik5San JoseA Life of a Catapiller
20th Jun 2006Gods Angel4HeavenMission Girl and note to gods writer
21st Jun 2006Lizzie5MadisonvilleNed and the Quest For the Dragon: A Fabl
22nd Jun 2006Jolteonrules555#24DerryJack's UNORDINARY Life:Chapter 1
25th Jun 2006AJH3GainesvilleThe Mysterious Monster
5th Jul 2006Jossie5TossrieDragon legend Chp 1
6th Jul 2006the new clinton jame5aspleyNinja Scares (Chapter 1)
7th Jul 2006Lizzie5MadisonvilleThe Wrath of the Red Dragon, Part One
11th Jul 2006Raquaza5Pallet TownNever again Ch. 1
11th Jul 2006Dayna5GreeleyInisin---Prolougue
13th Jul 2006Jolteonrules5555DerryThe Great Adventure:chapter 1
13th Jul 2006Jolteonrules5553DerryThe Great Adventure:chapter 2
15th Jul 2006flihanmack3Coo Coo LandSuperheros: Girl Power
16th Jul 2006Jolteonrules5553DerryThe Great Adventure:Chapter 3
17th Jul 2006Jolteonrules5553DerryKingdom Hearts:chapter 4
26th Jul 2006frosta595YorkvilleAlice and Kay's Random Adventures 1.1
3rd Aug 2006frosta593YorkvilleAlice and Kay's Random Adventures 1.2
12th Aug 2006Mandavi5DelhiThe girl with a Dream
13th Aug 2006avril3newcastlesecondary school musical:Chp 1
13th Aug 2006Jolteonrules555#94DerryThe Battle For The Ultimate Go Title:Cha
14th Aug 2006Mina5Plymouth, MAThe Chronicles of Suluri: Prologue
16th Aug 2006Jen5South HavenJewels From the cross
25th Aug 2006Brenna4EldoradoIn Monet's Garden: Prolouge
25th Aug 2006Rachel5PhoenixWindswept Part 2
31st Aug 2006Dreamer5blackpoolThe motherís role.
31st Aug 2006Dreamer4blackpoolShakespeare
2nd Sep 2006FollowYourDreams5ChicagoThe Bully: First Half of Ch. 1
2nd Sep 2006FollowYourDreams5ChicagoThe Bully: Second Half of Ch. 1
2nd Sep 2006Dayna5GreeleyMandy's Water Soul Book One Volume One
6th Sep 2006Matt Figg5KeighleyMutiny
22nd Sep 2006May5EvansChapter One School
22nd Sep 2006May5EvansChapter Two Day One
22nd Sep 2006May5EvansChapter Three The Chase
1st Oct 2006anonymsly4OntarioThe Life Of Rachel Berke
3rd Oct 2006Leo Girl5South HavenEarth Vrs. The Hornons
9th Oct 2006the new clinton jame4aspleyThe GREAT deer hunt (sort of short)
17th Oct 2006Nastarshia Jones0MemphisMy Big Screen Tv
17th Oct 2006Jamura Mayhue0MemphisThe Big Present
17th Oct 2006Nastarshia Jones0MemphisMy Big Screen Tv
17th Oct 2006Nastarshia Jones0MemphisMy Big Screen Tv
17th Oct 2006Amber Fant0MemphisTHE BIG SURPRISE
17th Oct 2006Caramel Agnew0MemphisThe Revenge of the Magic Potion
17th Oct 2006Isis Hampton0MemphisShrink Drink
17th Oct 2006Monica Allen0MemphisThe Box Surprise
17th Oct 2006Tony Carter0MemphisThe two huge men
18th Oct 2006Chasity Scott0MemphisThe Big Present