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This is our Divergent Book & Movie app for fans of Veronica Roth's bestselling science fiction novel.

Here you will find information about the characters of the book, facts and news that you may or may not know.

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Abnegation Amity Candor Dauntless Erudite Tris Four Eric Jeanine
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Date Author * Town Title
10th Apr 2006goldenwolf5papilionThe Keeper of many Names (Ch. 1)
10th Apr 2006goldenwolf5papilionThe Queastion (Ch.
11th Apr 2006goldenwolf5papilionThe Queastion (Ch. 2)
13th Apr 2006brad4kingstonthe bat
13th Apr 2006Katie5HarlingenTwo worlds chapter one
13th Apr 2006goldenwolf4papilionThe Queastion Ch.4
13th Apr 2006frosta595YorkvillePirate Girls Volume One Chapter 4
14th Apr 2006frosta594YorkvillePirate Girls Volume One Chapter Five
17th Apr 2006frosta594YorkvillePirate Girls Volume One Chapter Six
19th Apr 2006Franny4New MexicoGeorge and Mike
19th Apr 2006T-Mac5New MexicoLlamason Crusoe Chapter 1 Shipwrecked
19th Apr 2006Pink Lemonade4New MexicoThe Rat and the Mouse
19th Apr 2006Big DAwG3New MexicoHalf pint chapter 1
22nd Apr 2006laura5barnsleybutterfly
22nd Apr 2006May4EvansMermaid
23rd Apr 2006frosta594YorkvillePirate Girls Volume 1 Chapter Seven
24th Apr 2006goldenwolf4papilionQueastion ch. 4 (the last was going to b
24th Apr 2006goldenwolf5papilionCh 5 Of the Queastion
24th Apr 2006Dayna5GreeleySpooky: The House on the Hill
26th Apr 2006treasure.k.5limerickthe three myths
28th Apr 2006Amber Patel5HemetMy Day of Invisibility
28th Apr 2006Amber Patel5HemetClaudia's journey-part 2
29th Apr 2006Susannah5GreenwichUntitled
29th Apr 2006Susannah5GreenwichOafris, Mage of Aluia
29th Apr 2006Amy5GlasgowSpolit. Part 1
29th Apr 2006Amy5GlasgowSpolit prt 2
29th Apr 2006Amy5GlasgowSpolit prt 3
29th Apr 2006Amy5Glasgowspolit prt4
29th Apr 2006Amy5GlasgowSpolit prt
29th Apr 2006Amy5Glasgowspolit prt 6
29th Apr 2006Amy5GlasgowSpolit prt 7
30th Apr 2006Amber Patel5HemetMagic Afoot-Chapter 1
7th May 2006Mitchell. S5MelbourneThe Gaming Universe (Part 1)
14th May 2006Tracey Yeung5SydneyFriendship is Everything
17th May 2006goldenwolf5papilionThe Queastion ch.6
20th May 2006God's Writer1MishawakaTo Everyone
21st May 2006frosta591YorkvilleTo God's Writer
23rd May 2006the new clinton jame5aspleythe great paintball fight
23rd May 2006God's Writer1MishawakaTo( mainly frosta59)Everyone
24th May 2006frosta591YorkvilleTo God's Writer
25th May 2006God's Writer1MishawakaTo frosta59
25th May 2006frosta591YorkvilleTo God's Writer
29th May 2006Dayna5GreeleyThe Other World Chapter 1
31st May 2006Lucy5NorthamptonClosure
31st May 2006Rachel5PhoenixWindswept Pt. 1
1st Jun 2006kiss8005belfastSunset River
7th Jun 2006goldenwolf1papilionTO EVREYONE
7th Jun 2006Dayna1GreeleyTo goldenwolf
8th Jun 2006Jenny1FordsTo Goldenwolf
9th Jun 2006frosta591YorkvilleTo Goldenwolf