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This is our Divergent Book & Movie app for fans of Veronica Roth's bestselling science fiction novel.

Here you will find information about the characters of the book, facts and news that you may or may not know.

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Abnegation Amity Candor Dauntless Erudite Tris Four Eric Jeanine
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So many things to write about - so little time. Let your imagination run wild and share your story with other kids from all over the world.

Date Author * Town Title
25th Nov 2005mackenzie2st-john'schrimas
1st Dec 2005Anna5TokyoMihily va Juletdi
1st Dec 2005Anna5TokyoMihily va Juletdi 2
1st Dec 2005Anna5TokyoMihily va Juletdi 3
3rd Dec 2005frosta595YorkvilleSeason's Greetings
6th Dec 2005ashley3sedailaThe best day ever
6th Dec 2005ashley4sedailaMy Idea Of Oz
9th Dec 2005Susannah5GreenwichOne
10th Dec 2005Anna5TokyoMihily va Juletdi 4
11th Dec 2005Anna5TokyoMihily va Juletdi 5
11th Dec 2005Anna5TokyoMihily va Juletdi 6
14th Dec 2005Anna5TokyoPoison Ivy [HarryxDarkMark Fic]
15th Dec 2005Anna4TokyoOf the Slain
15th Dec 2005Anna4TokyoOf the Slain 2
18th Dec 2005Josh_trainer4BurlesonChapter 1(The calling of a hero.)
21st Dec 2005Josh_trainer5BurlesonChapter 2-Meeting some challengers.
21st Dec 2005Josh_trainer5BurlesonChapter 3-The beginning of the battles!
21st Dec 2005Josh_trainer5BurlesonChapter 4-The battle to start things off
27th Dec 2005Anna5TokyoPurple Sea :: Part Two
8th Jan 2006Sashank5ChennaiThe Lucky Elf
8th Jan 2006Sashank5ChennaiThe Kind Brother Bears
9th Jan 2006Robin Weyman4georgiaThe Family Chapter 1:Morning
15th Jan 2006Connie1NYCRecriut
18th Jan 2006Anna4TokyoWolf Moon
21st Jan 2006Anthony5AustinRurik, The Adventurer (Story 1)
22nd Jan 2006Anthony5AustinRurik, The Adventurer (Story 2)
28th Jan 2006Susannah5GreenwichUntitled
4th Feb 2006frosta593YorkvilleUniverses Other Then Our Own Proulge
5th Feb 2006frosta593YorkvilleUniverses Other Than Our Own Prolouge Pa
5th Feb 2006frosta595YorkvilleUniverses Other than Our Own Chapter One
10th Feb 2006Andrea & Sophia5ACLCRidgewall Boarding School #1
13th Feb 2006Amber Patel5HemetClaudia's journey
20th Feb 2006God's Writer4MishawakaThe Adventures of me, Ben. Part I
26th Feb 2006Latine5IthilienLisa and Esther chapter one
27th Feb 2006DeviantArchangel285PortlandA Zany Story of: Super DH- Bay Watcher &
27th Feb 2006DeviantArchangel285PortlandTank Man, the Unknown Rebel
5th Mar 2006frosta595YorkvillePirate Girls Chapter 1
7th Mar 2006frosta591YorkvilleGetting to Know Your Fellow Pirate Girls
11th Mar 2006frosta594YorkvillePirate Girls Chapter One
12th Mar 2006frosta594YorkvillePirate Girls Chapter 2
18th Mar 2006frosta594YorkvillePirate Girls Chapter Three
18th Mar 2006frosta594YorkvillePirate Girls Chapter Four
19th Mar 2006frosta594YorkvillePirate Girls Chapter Five
20th Mar 2006frosta594YorkvillePirate Girls Chapter Six
23rd Mar 2006frosta594YorkvillePirate Girls - Volume One Chapter One
27th Mar 2006Samantha4VisaliaThe Prisoner and Wife of the King
27th Mar 2006frosta594YorkvillePirate Girls Volume 1 Chapter 2
29th Mar 2006Marisha1MemphisMe
8th Apr 2006Marisha2MemphisThe funniest thing that happened at scho
10th Apr 2006frosta593YorkvillePirate Girls Volume One Chapter Three