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This is our Divergent Book & Movie app for fans of Veronica Roth's bestselling science fiction novel.

Here you will find information about the characters of the book, facts and news that you may or may not know.

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Abnegation Amity Candor Dauntless Erudite Tris Four Eric Jeanine
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Date Author * Town Title
11th Sep 2005Strawberry_Cheesecak3JacksonDiamonds Are Forever--Chapter 1, Part 1
12th Sep 2005frosta594YorkvilleMarry Baker's Diary: 1692
12th Sep 2005Susannah4GreenwichCurrently Untitled
13th Sep 2005Una Yang4TulsaEmpty World
13th Sep 2005frosta594YorkvilleMarry Baker's Diary:1692
15th Sep 2005Anna3TokyoPurple Sea
15th Sep 2005Liam Wakash2BangaloreMarcel McCann
15th Sep 2005Anna4TokyoPurple Sea :: Part One
17th Sep 2005Susannah5GreenwichThe Prophecies of Edìe
19th Sep 2005Cyrus the Great5AthensHundred Years
20th Sep 2005Cyrus the Great5AthensHundred Years Part 2
21st Sep 2005Şįŕ&#5ColumbusThucydides
21st Sep 2005Amanda5NorwichMy Journey through life with OCD and TS!
25th Sep 2005vicki zhang5vancouverLOCKED IN THE LIBRARY
26th Sep 2005ΛΣΟ&#5ToledoHanak-Su-Naman
28th Sep 2005Hashano4NewcastleDark Boy chapter
1st Oct 2005Tracey Yeung5SydneyTurmo
5th Oct 2005Jessica Noyce5GravesendMy Granddad you are gone but your love r
6th Oct 2005Jessica Noyce5GravesendThe Light Of Troden. Chapter One: Porave
10th Oct 2005|Aya-Sur|5Damascus-The Golden Talisman- Part I
14th Oct 2005Jessica Noyce5GravesendThe Vannishing: The Beginning
15th Oct 2005Anna1TokyoLivari 's tar -Preview
15th Oct 2005luckyomally5ShreveportArtist
19th Oct 2005Mäxïmüs4GläsgulleVagabond: Part I
21st Oct 2005luckyomally4ShreveportOur Secret, They're loss- part one
21st Oct 2005MistyCherokee4ShreveportCurses of Life
22nd Oct 2005frosta593YorkvilleGhost Summary
22nd Oct 2005nobody3GatesvilleBloody Paws
23rd Oct 2005Liam Wakash5BangaloreThe Chronicles of Dragomir II
28th Oct 2005Leica2Boston#1 -The magical girl, Leica
31st Oct 2005Robyn5Berkeley HeightsHow The Sun Became Happy
31st Oct 2005major5kirbylandKiri and the Elf --Part 1
31st Oct 2005major5kirbylandKiri and the Elf --Part 2
31st Oct 2005major5kirbylandKiri and the Elf --Part 3
1st Nov 2005frosta593YorkvilleMy Friends a Vampire!
1st Nov 2005major4kirbylandKiri and the Elf --Part 4
1st Nov 2005major4kirbylandKiri and the Elf --Part 5
2nd Nov 2005Anthony5Troy-Silver Halberk-1
7th Nov 2005Katie Gladykowski5Port Richey, FL~*~ Prologue of INSPIRED ~*~
8th Nov 2005Aditi5INDOREGod will never quit on you
10th Nov 2005Anthony5TroyCarnix Stone Jaguar-Part 1
11th Nov 2005Anthony5TroyCarnix Stone Jaguar-Part II
12th Nov 2005Anna3TokyoSweet Dips
12th Nov 2005Brenna5EldoradoA Pirate's Life (for me?) Part1
14th Nov 2005vicki zhang2vancouverlocked in the library part 2
16th Nov 2005Anthony5TroyCarnix Stone Jaguar- Part III
19th Nov 2005frosta594YorkvilleMy Life is Very Ramdon
19th Nov 2005Marisha3Memphis Why my mother is special
21st Nov 2005Gryffindork5ValenciaSo Lyrical
22nd Nov 2005Ashley5OrleansCaillou and the Lost Hat