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This is our Divergent Book & Movie app for fans of Veronica Roth's bestselling science fiction novel.

Here you will find information about the characters of the book, facts and news that you may or may not know.

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Abnegation Amity Candor Dauntless Erudite Tris Four Eric Jeanine
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Date Author * Town Title
2nd Mar 2005Latesa4MemphisHappy Birthday!!
2nd Mar 2005Bria3MemphisThe Mysterious Buzz
2nd Mar 2005Racheal4MemphisMY BUCKARULES
2nd Mar 2005Antonio3MemphisTen thousand dollars
2nd Mar 2005Chanyra3MemphisMy Aunt Rosa Bell and that
2nd Mar 2005Geoshia3Memphisliving large
2nd Mar 2005aimazing5BrightonShe
4th Mar 2005Chippie5ManchesterEmily: Chapter 8
5th Mar 2005Anna5TokyoAll But One 8
5th Mar 2005Chippie5ManchesterEmily: Chapter 9- under the floorboards.
5th Mar 2005[lvTNG]4 ...<(_)>...뮡Unfortunate;Ch.1;The Sorrowful Start;TAN
6th Mar 2005Chippie5ManchesterEmily: Chapter 10-Rachael.
6th Mar 2005Susannah5GreenwichDawn and Dusk
6th Mar 2005Susannah2GreenwichAIM--Alive Industrial Machinary
8th Mar 2005georgina5singaporeA cold world out there!
8th Mar 2005georgina4singaporeA cold world out there 2
9th Mar 2005lexi5manchesterThe Rose (part 4)
13th Mar 2005Chippie5ManchesterEmily:Chapter 11-Rachael's Story.
13th Mar 2005Chippie5ManchesterEmily: Chapter 11(Part 2)
14th Mar 2005Chippie5ManchesterEmily:Chapter 12- The Final Ending.
15th Mar 2005Chippie5ManchesterSisters
19th Mar 2005Ishita4KolkataSchool Stories part 1 (Friend or Foes?)
24th Mar 2005lexi4manchesterThe Rose (part 5)
24th Mar 2005Jade Goodes4North HuntingdonThe Crying (prolouge)
25th Mar 2005Chippie5ManchesterSisters- Chapter 2.
25th Mar 2005Jaci4VictoriaSummer
26th Mar 2005moonchild145YorkvilleJelly Bean Girlz Part 1 Freaky
31st Mar 2005#1 Trainer5MentorDoomed
5th Apr 2005Chippie5ManchesterSisters- Chapter 3.
5th Apr 2005lexi5manchesterThe rose part 6
5th Apr 2005[lvTNG]4 ...<(_)>...뮡OCA:Introduction
6th Apr 2005Acro5Albion ParkThe Great Escape
8th Apr 2005Chippie4ManchesterSisters- Chapter 4.
12th Apr 2005Susannah5GreenwichdIGITAL, the last warrior, chapter 1
13th Apr 2005Anna3TokyoAvA
13th Apr 2005Hunter4OklahomaPart one: Art Fest
14th Apr 2005Anna5TokyoAvA - Chapter One The New Hottie
14th Apr 2005Jenny5FordsLight of a New Hope
18th Apr 2005Darisey5LondonThe Element Game
19th Apr 2005Ishita4KolkataSchool Elections (School Stories Part 2)
19th Apr 2005Ishita4KolkataA Dreadful Quarrel (School Stories part3
19th Apr 2005Ishita4KolkataDetentions (School Stories part 4)
20th Apr 2005Rachel5PhoenixCliqued (Chapter 1 Part 1)
21st Apr 2005[lvTNG]5 ...<(_)>...뮡OCA: New 'Pah-Thetic' Target.
22nd Apr 2005kong3Quatre bornesthe careless driver
25th Apr 2005georgina5singaporeThe tomcat(-:)
25th Apr 2005Chippie5ManchesterSisters- Chapter 5.
25th Apr 2005[lvTNG]3 ...<(_)>...뮡OCA: IM Mean
26th Apr 2005Anna4TokyoFailed Antidote - VH Fanfic
26th Apr 2005Anna4TokyoFailed Antidote: Chapter 2 - VH Fanfic