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This is our Divergent Book & Movie app for fans of Veronica Roth's bestselling science fiction novel.

Here you will find information about the characters of the book, facts and news that you may or may not know.

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Abnegation Amity Candor Dauntless Erudite Tris Four Eric Jeanine
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So many things to write about - so little time. Let your imagination run wild and share your story with other kids from all over the world.

Date Author * Town Title
20th Jan 2005Elishuwa3Memphis The craziest day ever!
20th Jan 2005Jackie3MemphisThe Haunted House
22nd Jan 2005Rachel4PhoenixDark Magic: Chptr 1 Pt 4
23rd Jan 2005Anna5Tokyo~Death is Certain~: Van Helsing FanFic
24th Jan 2005Monique Cleveland3Memphis, TN (MEM-MemA Weird School Day
24th Jan 2005Ashleigh Scott3Memphis, TN (MEM-MemThe Moving Bag
24th Jan 2005Jatoria Tuggle3Memphis, TN (MEM-MemThe Magical Bag
24th Jan 2005Frejarika Lee3Memphis, TN (MEM-MemThe Moving Bag
24th Jan 2005Jarvis Williams2Memphis, TN (MEM-MemThe Brown Bag
24th Jan 2005Dondre Johnson3Memphis, TN (MEM-MemThe Day The Bag Moved
24th Jan 2005Keneisha Davis3Memphis, TN (MEM-MemThe Moving Bag
24th Jan 2005Charleigh Arquitt4Memphis, TN (MEM-MemThe Bag That Moved
24th Jan 2005Kiara Cunningham3Memphis, TN (MEM-Mem The Day the Bag Moved
24th Jan 2005Deneccia Noble3Memphis, TN (MEM-MemThe Moving Bag And The Genie
24th Jan 2005Roneishion Brown3Memphis, TN (MEM-MemWhen the Teacher Put Her Bag on t
24th Jan 2005Ladarius Boyd4Memphis, TN (MEM-MemThe Thing Inside the Bag
27th Jan 2005Tenaiya4BullsbrookMy Dog ,Lazy Nose
1st Feb 2005sunnysarah!3Soemwhere is daSea, song and a whole lot of hope
8th Feb 2005Kristoffer5StavangerNo name yet.
8th Feb 2005Beatrice5SpringfieldHunted prt 2
8th Feb 2005Mikie3ActworthCase dude the Case of the stolen XBOX
10th Feb 2005Chippie4ManchesterEmily: Chapter 3.
16th Feb 2005Magic Noden5CreweMalthawk : Prologue
16th Feb 2005Amy1GlasgowPLEASE HELP
17th Feb 2005Jessica3KincardineDevil angels, Part 1 Concert
19th Feb 2005Aditi3INDOREGreedy ButlerGreedy Butler
21st Feb 2005Rachel5PhoenixDark Magic: Chptr 2 Pt 1
21st Feb 2005Beatrice5SpringfieldHunted prt 3
23rd Feb 2005lexi5manchesterThe Rose (part 1)
24th Feb 2005Chippie5ManchesterEmily: Chapter 4
24th Feb 2005lexi5manchesterThe Rose (part 2)
26th Feb 2005Chippie5ManchesterEmily: Chapter 5
26th Feb 2005lexi4manchesterThe Rose (part 3)
27th Feb 2005Chippie5ManchesterEmily: Chapter 6
27th Feb 2005Cryptic5LafayetteEthereal
1st Mar 2005Chippie5ManchesterEmily:Chapter 7
1st Mar 2005lexi5manchesterThe Rose (part 4)
1st Mar 2005frosta594YorkvilleSamantha and Kelsey Silver
1st Mar 2005#1 Trainer4MentorDoomed
2nd Mar 2005Ryan3MemphisBackyard Sounds
2nd Mar 2005Sonjala3MemphisA buzzing sound in the back yard!
2nd Mar 2005Kimberly3MemphisBackyard Sounds.
2nd Mar 2005Jania3MemphisThe Strange Buzzing Sound
2nd Mar 2005Reshanda3MemphisI have 10,000 bucks
2nd Mar 2005Rita4MemphisBackyard Sounds
2nd Mar 2005Khanisha3MemphisThe mysterious backyard sounds
2nd Mar 2005Shey3MemphisBackyard Sounds
2nd Mar 2005Marisha4Memphis Me, My Aunt, and my 10,000 dollor
2nd Mar 2005Tanikki3Memphis10,000 Dollars For Me