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This is our Divergent Book & Movie app for fans of Veronica Roth's bestselling science fiction novel.

Here you will find information about the characters of the book, facts and news that you may or may not know.

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Abnegation Amity Candor Dauntless Erudite Tris Four Eric Jeanine
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Date Author * Town Title
25th Oct 2004eire4Millburni wont lie
25th Oct 2004Anna4TokyoAnother Side #3: Answers of the Past and
26th Oct 2004Kim5LondonMariam. Part 1
26th Oct 2004Kim5LondonMariam. Part 2
28th Oct 2004Jenny5FordsThe Journey of Destiny 4
31st Oct 2004Jenny4FordsThe Journey of Destiny 5
31st Oct 2004Anna4TokyoAnother Side #4: The Room of Vernaz
1st Nov 2004Kimberly Kearney5Marietta, GeorgiaBelieving Again
2nd Nov 2004Kirby5Greenwichprologue for the community giver
4th Nov 2004Alexis4El PasoMy Most Embarassing Moment!
4th Nov 2004Alexis5El PasoI Elect to Be Drug Free
6th Nov 2004Jade Goodes4North HuntingdonMike the Fire Dog
6th Nov 2004Anna5TokyoBird Riders #14
7th Nov 2004Susannah5GreenwichMy Story-A Tale of the Sea
7th Nov 2004Babudbj5CoromandelStruck
8th Nov 2004Elizabeth4Chula VistaSpells 1: Spell Casters
10th Nov 2004Fang3Udrogothobey
12th Nov 2004Elizabeth4Chula VistaSpells 2
12th Nov 2004Hannah4El PasoI Elect to be Drug Free Because....
12th Nov 2004Hannah4El PasoI Believe in Magic
12th Nov 2004Mike3Southside Jamaica QuHis Story... Introduction
13th Nov 2004Brandon5PeoriaThree friends go to the Park
14th Nov 2004Anna4TokyoFire and Ice: P3
14th Nov 2004Rachel5PhoenixDark Magic: Chptr 1 Pt 1
16th Nov 2004Jessie Goodes2North HuntingdonMean s (part one)
17th Nov 2004Saayma3MaltonNo Matter What Happens, Be Friends, Stay
21st Nov 2004Saayma4MaltonThe Mummy Who Haunts The Museum
23rd Nov 2004mohammed5birminghambarbar and the doctor
23rd Nov 2004Susannah4Greenwich25, Rinded Way, Heaven
24th Nov 2004Chippie4ManchesterEMILY ( chapter 1)
24th Nov 2004Chippie4ManchesterEMILY (chapter 2)
24th Nov 2004Rachel1PhoenixMistake in Dark Magic!
27th Nov 2004Shailly5KirklandGina and the friendly giant
27th Nov 2004Shailly4KirklandThe mystery of the golden clock
29th Nov 2004Hannah5???Bullying Story
30th Nov 2004Amy3GlasgowThe Diaries of the Identical Twins!
2nd Dec 2004Hannah4???A small girl's meaning- Part one.
4th Dec 2004Hannah4???A small girls meaning- part two
4th Dec 2004elena4san antonioAustin Duck Adventure
6th Dec 2004Kayleigh2blackburnthe lovely brother
9th Dec 2004Anna3TokyoSharks in Natural #2
10th Dec 2004Rachel4PhoenixDark Magic: Chptr 1 Pt 2
11th Dec 2004DragonMist5AlamedaBrainslaves
12th Dec 2004Ayisha Sharma3WalesThe Haunted Tree House!
13th Dec 2004Anna5TokyoStrange and Weird #3
13th Dec 2004Anna5TokyoStrange and Weird #4
13th Dec 2004Anna5TokyoStrange and Weird #5
15th Dec 2004Hannah3El PasoMy Dream
16th Dec 2004Anna4TokyoChristmas of the Unknown: Prologue
19th Dec 2004Susannah3GreenwichGold and Silver (Chapter 1)