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This is our Divergent Book & Movie app for fans of Veronica Roth's bestselling science fiction novel.

Here you will find information about the characters of the book, facts and news that you may or may not know.

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Abnegation Amity Candor Dauntless Erudite Tris Four Eric Jeanine
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Date Author * Town Title
14th Sep 2004Leanne4CantonRIDING-#4, Jump Position
15th Sep 2004Kimberly Kearney5Marietta, GeorgiaVisitor In Heaven
15th Sep 2004Kirby3GreenwichCyberspace
17th Sep 2004Ross3EverettBionicle--The Adventure Within
17th Sep 2004Kirby3GreenwichA strange day in July
17th Sep 2004Jenny4FordsA Strange Day in July-Dog Island
17th Sep 2004Latine4IthilienAraheldimkor Siege (the rest of) #1
19th Sep 2004Susannah3GreenwichA Captured Essence-Prolouge
19th Sep 2004Angela3PerthRats in the Roof
19th Sep 2004Angela5PerthThe Big Old Jarrah Tree
20th Sep 2004jocelyn race2brisbaneboxer shorts
20th Sep 2004Leanne4CantonHelpless: Chapter 1
20th Sep 2004Leanne5CantonRIDING-#4 Cantering
20th Sep 2004DragonMist5AlamedaFera #3 (Finally!)
20th Sep 2004jocelyn race3brisbaneboxer shorts
21st Sep 2004Latine4IthilienAraheldimkor Siege Part one of #2
21st Sep 2004bathedinlight4BrightonFamilies Together...Always Apart (P.2)
27th Sep 2004Susannah2GreenwichKing Arthur
27th Sep 2004Leanne5CantonHelpless #2
27th Sep 2004Latine3IthilienAraheldimkor Siege #3 Part one
28th Sep 2004Bryce4EverettBionicle Metru Nui
29th Sep 2004Anime-maniac5Black MountainSometimes and Fireflies
30th Sep 2004Leanne4CantonHelpless #3
1st Oct 2004Jade Goodes3North HuntingdonWhen Somebody Loved Me
2nd Oct 2004Anna5TokyoAll But One 6
3rd Oct 2004Minami5YokohamaA Medieval Traveler: Part 10
6th Oct 2004Anna4TokyoFangs on Red #16
7th Oct 2004Kirby5GreenwichDaddy at war part 1
9th Oct 2004Kimberly Kearney5Marietta, GeorgiaThe Deaf Girl- A short story
10th Oct 2004Susannah5GreenwichDon't Speak
11th Oct 2004Anna3TokyoAnother Side: Introduction - Not Alone
11th Oct 2004Susannah5GreenwichNot Yet Titled
11th Oct 2004Kimberly Kearney4Marietta, GeorgiaDeena- Dead, But Alive
12th Oct 2004DragonMist5AlamedaKatmai (working title) Prologue
14th Oct 2004princess3Santa Barbarame and Michelle at school
15th Oct 2004Anna5TokyoAnother Side: Not Alone (Edited)
17th Oct 2004DragonMist4AlamedaThe Wolf (previously known as Katmai) 1
17th Oct 2004DragonMist5AlamedaThe Wolf part 2
18th Oct 2004Anna5TokyoAnother Side #2: Really Confused
18th Oct 2004Brad Kleinstuber3CambridegeLords of the Earth (prolouge)
18th Oct 2004Brad Kleinstuber3CambridegeLords of the Earth ( Chapter 2)
21st Oct 2004Nicola1St AnnesDangerous Liaisons
22nd Oct 2004Susannah4GreenwichIn The Presence Of The Vapors
22nd Oct 2004Rachel5PhoenixDark Magic: Prolouge
23rd Oct 2004Anna5TokyoAll But One 7
23rd Oct 2004Nai5HoveThunder's gone!!
23rd Oct 2004Nai5HoveWhere's Lucky?
23rd Oct 2004Nai5HoveThe fairy kitten
23rd Oct 2004DragonMist5AlamedaThe Wolf part 3 of 3